Perhaps you'd like to try some eucalyptus to clear your sinuses. Or maybe lavender to enhance your relaxation. A little peppermint to give you a boost of energy?

In addition to a healing, intuitive massage, you will also receive optional aromatherapy for no additional fee. Only high quality, pure essential oils are used for aromatherapy treatments. Aromatherapy treatments are used to assist in relaxation, help increase circulation in the area treated, uplift one's mood and energy levels, or to assist in increasing focus and mental clarity. This is included because I believe aromatherapy to be a perfect pairing partner to massage therapy or Reiki energy healing. Every client may choose to opt out.

Specialty Aromatherapy Treatments
In addition to standard aromatherapy treatments during massage, I also offer specialty personalized aromatherapy treatments that may be requested separately or as part of a massage.  Fees for specialty treatments may vary depending on need, so please call for a consultation about your aromatherapy needs.

Some benefits from aromatherapy treatments can be to boost immunity, calm anxiety and help relieve depression, increase energy and revitalize, improve focus and clarity, relax sore, tired muscles, and increase circulation.

Immune Boosting Aromatherapy Treatment: $20
A hand-picked combination of essential oils are applied to various places on the body to boost immunity and well-being. Can be added onto any massage session if requested at the time of booking.