A Mask For People Who Hate Masks

I've been waiting to post this for weeks! I never thought I'd be this grateful for a mask.

I finally found a comfortable, lightweight and BREATHABLE face mask, so I no longer have to worry about feeling like I’m going to suffocate or pass out.

AND the mask is protected by ViralOff® - the gold standard of antimicrobial solutions, made by the reputable Swedish company, Polygiene, who also works with Patagonia, Adidas, etc.

Its active ingredient is made from recycled silver, and it doesn't interfere with the skin's natural bacterial flora (AMAZING!). My skin stays clear with this mask. It's already FDA-Listed (unlike most of the cloth masks available) and its proprietary design is what makes it sooooo comfortable. It has a four layer nano-filter inside that filters down to .3 microns.

The SilverTek NanoFit Mask. Check out it for yourself here: Silvertek Nanofit

Masks are required to go into public places and for many they are required at their work place. Many are searching for a mask that is bearable to wear at work all day, as was I. I’m grateful I found this mask. I can do massage while wearing it, and I actually forget I have it on. No distractions. I love that this mask is reusable, which cuts down on waste, but it doesn’t have to be washed. It forms to the face so you don’t need to constantly adjust it. Every exhale is directed downward - no fogged glasses! It comes with a neck strap that hooks on and off quickly, so you don’t have to use the ear loops all day. Oh, and you can speak CLEARLY in this mask. It’s designed to stay off of your mouth, so talking feels and sounds normal. This is my miracle mask – it’s design is truly brilliant. Because I love it, I decided to sign on as a Sales and Wellness Rep. I recommend this mask without hesitation and think you should try it out, too.😉

Silvertek Nanofit

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