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What are the Akashic Records?

Spiritual Awakening Series: Part 1

Is it a mystical place, a cosmic database, an ancient tome, or...? Everything you need to know to understand the Akashic Records.

An artistic depiction of the Akashic Records, appearing as a vast library with trees growing amid the architecture, a roof open to the cosmos, and a floor glowing with sacred geometry patterns, furnished with plush purple and teal chairs.

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You may have heard of a mystical database, or perhaps a mysterious library, referred to as the Akashic Records.

What actually are the "Akashic Records", you might be wondering. Are they real? Are they a place? Where are they? How do you access them? What can be learned from them? And what is the point, anyway?

I'll answer all these questions for you, beautiful, curious Soul, as best I can, based on my own experience in working with the Records, and my own perspectives and contemplations.

I'll first explain the way I learned about the Akashic Records, simply because it gives a grounded, solid foundation to start understanding them, before I elaborate on the more expanded understanding I have of the Records now.

Basic concepts of the Akashic Records

The word Akashic comes from a Sanskrit word Akasha, also pronounced Akasa, which means “space”, “sky”, or “ether”.

I first learned about the Akashic Records most likely from much the same perspective as many others. It was described to me as a sort of cosmic database, where everything that ever happens is constantly being recorded, similar to how a court stenographer quickly records everything that is said and happens in court proceedings, as they go.

No subjective opinions, or bias, or agendas - just, simply, a recording of everything that happens everywhere as it does so, in its true essence.

I was taught that every Soul, every place, every entity, and so on, each have their own individual records that can be accessed, and that there are even records within records.

A situation in which there may be a record within a record is when the existence of an entity depends entirely on the existence of another.

For example, a business that consists only of the person who created it - a sole proprietor. The business itself is an entity with a record, but because its existence depends on the person who created and upholds it, its record would be found WITHIN the record of its creator.

On the other hand, a business that exists without the energy and attention of any one person will have it's own record, independently.

A state that depends on the existence of a country to exist would have its record located in the record of that country, for another example.

Who can access a Soul's Record?

There are rules about who can access any given Soul's record. That is, no one can access the record of another Soul without that Soul's permission. It simply is private information that only the Soul itself needs to know, and each Soul has control over who can access its record.

There are some exceptions to this rule, though, and they are specific.

One exception is if the Soul whose record you want to access is your child who is dependent on you. This no longer applies once they become independent. You can access the records of your children because as long as they're energetically in your care, you have the authority to know about them whatever you need to in order to do your best for them.

Another exception to the privacy rule is if the other Soul is a person with whom your life is so intertwined that their consequences are your consequences, too. This typically applies to couples who live together and share responsibilities and finances, married or not. If your lives are so merged that whatever they do affects you, too, you have permission by way of involvement to access their Soul Record.

Keep in mind that an abusive parent or partner may not, in fact, be able to access the Records of their children or partners, as the abuse would be a breach of personal responsibility that negates the permission they would otherwise have.

One other instance in which a Soul's Record can be accessed without permission, at least to some extent, is if the Soul is a public figure whose actions have significant consequences on the rest of the population, and the person wanting access is part of that population.

An example is powerful politicians, or even celebrities who choose to put themselves out there to sway public opinion and have a lot of influence. Not necessarily everything in their Records can be accessed, but some information, yes. Their permission is implied by the role they choose to fill in society.

Records of countries, businesses, events, etc., can be accessed by anyone without permission.

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Where are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are said to be located at the 5th dimensional realm of existence. Our bodies are in the 3D realm, and our minds in the 4D realm, for reference. Our Souls and the aspects of us that are infinite are in the 5th dimension and above.

At least this is how its said to work, but its more complicated than that, because dimensions of density are a gradient that go from one to the next and don't have any hard boundaries. But, this is a huge topic that needs a post all to itself, so I will talk more about this another time (please subscribe if you'd like an update as to when I publish this).

For simplicities sake here, we will say the dimensions are separate, and you must bring your consciousness into the 5th dimensional realm to access the Akashic Records.

They aren't in any particular place, as all dimensions exist simultaneously in the same place, and are actually different levels of consciousness you can move your focus between.

The Akashic Records are not physical, but etheric. However, most people who access them choose to visualize them as something they can relate to - a library, a computer accessing a cosmic “internet”, a temple of ancient scrolls, and so on - this is unique for each person.

How to access the Akashic Records?

For many people, much like Reiki, they receive an attunement from an experienced practitioner before trying to access the Akashic Records. Attunements are quite simple, yet powerful.

They aren't explicitly necessary, as some people are able to attune on their own, and some are born already attuned and manage to maintain it as they grow older.

The purpose of the attunement is to activate intuitive capabilities of tapping into a specific frequency. Everyone has this ability at the subconscious or unconscious level, but not everyone chooses to activate it into their conscious awareness and control.

Receiving an attunement in itself may not even be enough - if the person being attuned tends to live in a lower frequency state due to life choices, they may not be able to access the higher frequency.

In this case, it's up to the individual to do the work on themselves to open this ability, through doing shadow work, meditation, energy healing, exercise, and most importantly, shifting their perspective and changing their daily life choices.

Ultimately, it's always in the power of the individual as to whether or not they can access this high-frequency cosmic database.

How do you get information from the Akashic Records?

Interestingly enough, the actual obtaining of information from the Akashic Records can be the most challenging part of the process. This is because of the vast, infinite vat of knowledge that it is.

Practitioners tend to develop their own protocols through practice, and knowing what to ask about or look for. This process can be as unique as each individual.

Imagine you're sitting in front of a computer that has access to the internet. Well, you don't have to imagine, because you're probably doing that right now - if not a computer, then a handheld device, either way.

The internet has billions and billions of websites with all kinds of information, but unless you know what search terms to input, it can be difficult to find exactly what you're looking for. The vast, vast majority of the information out there is useless to your purposes, so you must know how to pluck out specifically what is useful.

This is the same with the Akashic Records. They contain infinite information, and most of it is useless for any practical purpose.

So, there is no one or simple answer to this question, as pulling information from the Records is a skill developed through experience and practice, though the process can be sped up tremendously with a good teacher. Like many skills in life.

What can you learn about a Soul from the Akashic Records?

Everything there is to know about a Soul from the very moment of its creation is contained in the Soul's record.

The Soul's original Divine Blueprint is of key importance. This is the frequency makeup of the Soul, kind of like its DNA. This doesn't change from lifetime to lifetime - it's constant.

This information reveals the spiritual gifts that are innately part of the Soul, and therefore the person. This is the main foundation of an individual's Soul path, or purpose, and what they would want to embody to be in alignment with their Divine true nature.

Another important aspect is the Soul's cosmic "origin" (not precisely, since all Soul's originate from the same Source, but rather where it first began incarnating after its creation). This gives more information about natural gifts and tendencies, as a Soul tends to take on some traits of its place of origin, or, Soul Family. This answers a common question of the spiritually awakened - "What starseed am I?"

You can also discover how many lives a Soul has lived, or, how many times they have incarnated. I will say, this number is vastly beyond the limited thinking that has been floating around from the common perspective for a very long time. Knowing the truth about this will blow your mind right open.

A book depicting an Akashic Record
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The other side of that coin is that the concept of past, present, and future lives is very different and more complex than simply going from incarnation to incarnation in a limited, linear fashion. This is another huge topic all its own, though, that I'll have to talk about in a future post.

Of course, you can also get much information about what went on in any given past life, as well.

Other gifts that can be revealed would be any specialities the Soul has accumulated through its many incarnations, and the evolution and expansion the Soul experiences in that process.

Aside from learning who someone is at Soul level, other vital information that can be obtained in the Records are the karmic blocks and patterns that the Soul has created and is holding itself to. These are both from past and present lives, and are the source of self-sabotage and the main mechanism that keeps humans confused and lost and separated from their Divinity.

Learning what karmic blocks, restrictions, and patterns a Soul is upholding is vital, as bringing that into one's consciousness is how it can be processed and released, so the individual is free to shift into alignment with their Divine Soul frequency.

These karmic patterns are NOT inflicted on anyone from any higher power or universal law, but merely by the individual themselves. The whole topic of karma and what it is and isn't is something I'll be discussing in a future post, as well, because it's a concept rife with limiting misinformation that needs to be clarified.

There is so much more, which I cannot ever fit into any post, video, or even novel, as the Records and all they are, is endless - literally everything, and it is infinite, as everything is infinite - dimensions, timelines, universes, everything that is, ever has been, and ever will be, all exists simultaneously, infinitely and endlessly.

And this brings me to the more expanded perspective I have of the Akashic Records now.

My perspectives come from my experience in working with the Records, combined with my experience in many other esoteric modalities and practices - such as various forms of energy healing, meditation, and the evolution and expansion of my own intuitive abilities, through the time I spend with my awareness in 5D and even 6D realms of consciousness, my observations, studies, and contemplations in many, many different spiritual, philosophical, and psychological topics and concepts.

An expanded perspective of the Akashic Records

As I hinted at a bit earlier, the Akashic Records are more than just a database of information contained in neatly organized ethereal files. Or, maybe what I mean is, the Akashic Records are a limited version of the absolute of what is. Or, perhaps both.

What we call the Akashic Records is a somewhat boxed up concept of one aspect of what I like to refer to as the cosmic field of infinite potential - or, cosmic field of infinite consciousness, even. Consciousness is the creator substance of all that exists.

Consciousness is the creator substance of all that exists.

To be succinct, I'll simply refer to it as the cosmic field.

This cosmic field is everywhere, in everything, and is everything that ever existed, does exist, or will exist, being formed into whatever the infinite streams of consciousness of existence wish it to be.

It doesn't simply contain information, it is the information. It is all dimensions, all universes, all beings, all projections, and all timelines.

Every Soul has an infinite number of timelines, possibilities, or different pathways, if you will, that it can choose to direct the point of focus of its consciousness.

This is part of where I find a difference between what the Akashic Records are vs what the cosmic field is.

The Akashic Records, as they were, are a more contained version of a Soul's history. Rather than including the information about all timelines and possibilities and realities, the Akashic Records focus only on the pathway that the Soul took as its path of focus of consciousness, from the perspective of the current point of consciousness that it is in right now.

So, in other words, the current perspective of your Soul, you, is the existential reality you are in right now. The information about past lives, and anything else pulled from the Akashic Records from your current perspective will only be relative to the path that your consciousness took to get you to this specific moment and level of awareness.

You can only “see” what you can understand from your current perspective of awareness, and that which is relevant to the current timeline you're on.

Everything else is excluded, unless and until your consciousness perspective shifts enough for other information to become relevant. And that's okay, because for the purpose of sorting out your current life path, this is practical.

You don't need the other information until you shift or collapse timelines through new conscious choices (just a side note that timelines are another complex topic I'll talk about separately).

Whereas, the cosmic field is all of everything.

The Akashic Records are a limited version of the cosmic field. It's concept that was developed by humans in order to make it easier to sort out what's what in the cosmic field of infinite everything.

Just like the shared existential reality we're in - that is the world and universe as we know it - is created through agreements and values of the collective unconscious, concepts such as the Akashic Records are created in the same way.

Those who first "discovered" the Akashic Records, so to speak, were actually creating it through their own stream of consciousness and agreements collectively. By sharing this information with others, who also access and teach the Akashic Records, the collective unconscious upholding them has grown.

Chart witih Angel Numbers 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, 1111 and their meanings.

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Streams of consciousness, both individual and collective, are how anything is created from the cosmic field, and exactly how the Akashic Records came to be. Breaking large concepts down into smaller, more manageable parts is how humans understand life and existence more readily.

Now, just like we each live in our own individual existential reality within the collective one, the experience of each individual in the Akashic Records will be a bit different than how it is for the next person, as we all perceive and experience our realities differently depending on our level of awareness and how our Soul relates to the rest of existence.

The cosmic field of infinite consciousness and potential is a big concept to truly understand, and so in order to work with it in specific ways, humans have broken it down into many smaller concepts - the Akashic records, universal laws, manifestation, etc.. It's all relevant, but it's all just parts of the whole.

As we grow and evolve and expand our awareness, we're able to perceive and comprehend higher and higher levels of consciousness, and so eventually we begin to experience all these parts as the whole.

This cosmic field is the high frequency creator substance from which all is formed through streams of consciousness. It's the medium through which we create the beautiful art of existence - our existential realities within existential realities. And, it's the field through which any information about any of those realities is accessed.

It's true that any given Soul's journey can only be accessed by that Soul itself or by someone who has their permission, except in the specific situations I explained previously where permission is automatically granted due to certain circumstances.

A Soul's Divine Blueprint and journey are personal and sacred. At least, from this lower density level of consciousness. Being that, in higher densities there is less and less separation between one Soul and the next and things change. But, that's a conversation for another time.

Important distinction for star seeds

One thing I want to note that I discovered when doing Soul readings is that inquiring about a Soul's group of origination doesn't always bear the actual origin of where the Soul first incarnated.

Rather, it's often the current Soul group that the Soul identifies with, and is the information that the Higher Self considers most relevant for the person to become aware of at that time.

Being that, whatever cosmic group the Soul currently relates to is what star seed they are and is often more important to know than where they very first started (though, as the Soul expands in this lifetime, that information may become relevant and will be revealed).

A book depicting an Akashic Record
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It's important to note that no Soul specifically belongs to any one cosmic race or part of the Universe, but they do develop preferences for how they like to incarnate, where, and even what gender.

Though, they can incarnate anywhere and as anything they like, depending on what the desired experience is.

Everyone can access the cosmic field

Everyone is accessing the cosmic field of infinite consciousness to some degree or another, though most are doing so subconsciously or unconsciously.

It’s through this access that we each create our lives and everything in them.

The problem with this is that when you're accessing it and creating your reality from the subconscious or unconscious mind, you often aren't creating what you want, but rather, what your subconscious is programmed to create. And that is driven by the karmic patterns hidden in the shadows, as well as programming from this lifetime.

To learn to access it consciously, one must do the "work" on themselves to clear out karmic blocks and elevate their frequency.

There are many ways to do this, of course, and most will benefit from coming at it from multiple angles, though not necessarily all at once. Or, maybe do so all at once, depending on the person.

Doing shadow work is what I would call a basic necessity (and I have a free Shadow Work Journal available by subscribing), certainly through meditation, and also through taking care of your body temple with exercise and aligned eating habits.

Receiving energy work is tremendously helpful for many people for shifting into a more aligned, healed, higher frequency version of yourself.

One of the fastest ways to quantum shift into the most aligned version of you is through wisdom and healing you can receive from the Akashic Records and cosmic field.

The Divinely Aligned Soul Readings I do are for exactly this - knowing who you are at Soul level, what your gifts are, and, very importantly, what are the karmic patterns and blocks that are holding you back from creating the reality you really want.

The Divinely Aligned Soul Reading comprises an Akashic Records Soul reading (there is A LOT that is brought into your consciousness with this), coaching on shifting your frequency to be in alignment with your Divine Soul Blueprint, and a full healing protocol to clear all of the energetic and karmic blocks and restrictions that show up from your past and present lives.

It’s your roadmap to the maze of life, highlighting your Soul path and Soul gifts, and turning the light on all the hidden roadblocks so you can easily move them out and quantum leap to your highest potential.

Some of what is included in this experience is:

Soul Purpose & Frequency

Spiritual Gifts

Energetic Blocks

Karmic Patterns

Past Life Stories

Soul Coaching

Healing Protocol

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So, in essence, I do find the mental construct of “records” to be a very limiting, and a very 3D human concept. I believe it was created in order to try and explain this cosmic field of infinite consciousness in a way that more people could wrap their minds around, in a way that could be taught to others.

Though, it is very practical, and very useful, and a great starting point, but I want to stress that it is not the whole picture, not absolute by any means, nor is the more expanded perspective I’m sharing here.

This is an ever-evolving experience for me, and as I come to new levels of understanding and awareness, I’ll continue to share my new perspectives in future posts.

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What are the Akashic Records?


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