Prenatal Massage


60 Minutes
90 Minutes


A nurturing experience for both mama and baby, so you can get relief from that lower back pain.

Prenatal massage uses a light touch to soothe and relax the expecting mother while remaining safe for baby. It calms the central nervous system and gives pregnant mamas the pampering they need and deserve, benefiting and nurturing both the mother and the little pea in the pod.

Long, slow strokes help to relax and calm while allowing the muscles and fascia to gently release tension and keep fluids moving through the lymphatic system. Smaller, gentle strokes are also used to relieve tense areas and stimulate calming of the nerves to allow the expecting mother to dispel stress and tension from her mind, body, and spirit.

Pillows are used during a prenatal massage to prop the mother comfy and cozy into a position that is suitable for both her and baby.