Synergy Stones Heated Stoneware Therapy

60 Minutes - $95

90 Minutes - $140

120 Minutes - $180

Heated stoneware Synergy stones are used to relax and soothe tense muscles. At Spirit of Lotus, Synergy Stones are used in lieu of the typical basalt hot stones used in massage. The reasons are many. Synergy Stones are specially made for massage, and can be used to actually massage the muscles with varying degrees of pressure, not just rub over them for a moment. They hold heat for several minutes, and are shaped just right to get into sore, tight areas, as the heat communicates to the muscles fibers to let go and relax. Your body is worked over, area by area, with trouble spots given particular focus in order to get the most impactful results to relieve pain and tension, and increase range of motion.


Synergy stones can be added to a Deep Flow Therapeutic Massage session during booking for no extra fee.

The video below show Synergy stones incorporated into a session that combines the stones with cupping therapy.

*In this video, vacuum cupping is used. I now do fire cupping in place of vacuum cupping.