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Divinely Sacred Distance Healing

Divinely Sacred Distance Healing is the act of sending healing source energy and intentions from far away to a specific recipient. It's a bit like sending a prayer or healing vibes, though much more connected, involved, and intentional.

Divine healing source energy operates on a quantum, multidimensional basis and isn't limited by the bounds of time and space that we're used to.

Even quantum physics has shown us that regardless of distance, energy particles can resonate and interact with one another - a phenomenon known as quantum entanglement.

A distance healing session can be received live as it is being performed, or can be specified to be received at a certain time that is more convenient for the recipient to be able to relax and partake.


Spirit of Lotus distance healing sessions are recorded and the video is privately available for the client to watch and listen to later, to receive their healing if they are unable to do so during the

Distance Reiki Energy Healing session

scheduled appointment time. If you are able to attend live - great! You'll be able to log into a private video call via Zoom to hear my voice as you relax and receive your healing treatment. Either way, you'll receive a link to the video that you can watch again and again, to receive healing energy whenever you need it.

What's it like to receive a Divinely Sacred Distance Healing treatment?

Imagine yourself relaxing wherever you are most comfortable, eyes closed. On your bed, the couch, a hammock, lounger, or whatever is best for you. Your computer, tablet, or smart phone is nearby, and you're either logged into our video call or playing the video that was made of your session.

I'm on the screen, in a treatment room, sitting at the therapy table with a proxy laid out on it. This proxy takes the place of your physical body, and will connect with you energetically, so I can assess and treat your energy body and power centers.

You hear my voice as we begin, first saying a prayer for the healing you need for your highest good.

I then walk you through a few deep breaths, and you feel your tension begin to melt away as you sink further into your comfortable place.

You hear the Tibetan singing bowl begin to be played. This begins the process of removing negative energy debris from your biofield, and serves as a signal to your subconscious that something sacred has begun.

After a couple of minutes, the singing bowl stops, and I comb your aura with a selenite wand to remove any remaining debris. You are already beginning to feel lighter, as daily life stressors are removed from your biofield.

I then walk you through a visualization called Light Column Activation. This process will more deeply cleanse your energy body, and begin bringing you back to wholeness.

Then begins the crystal healing. I place crystals on and around the proxy, according to the healing purpose of this session (you will specify your preference when booking). Within minutes of the crystal placement, you can feel them entraining your energy, bringing your frequency closer and closer to its vibrant, healthy, optimal vibration.

I then begin the Reiki energy healing and sound healing with Solfeggio frequency tuning forks. Reiki infuses healing life force and cosmic love energy into every cell of your being down to a quantum level, and the Solfeggio frequencies begin uprooting and purging energetic blockages from the old trauma wounds you still carry, soothing your organs, promoting cellular healing and pain relief, uprooting old limiting beliefs, and so much more.


If needed for the session (this will be determined ahead of time based on your booking), I will walk you through a guided visual meditation to further achieve your deep healing goals.

As you lay, relaxed and comfortable, you feel the tingling of energy moving through your body. You may receive visual images or see colors in your mind. You may feel the sudden release or purging of energy cysts and blockages, or experience a sense of floating on a cloud. The sensations and messages are different for everyone, and you experience whatever is absolutely perfect and needed for you, in this moment.

You'll know the session is concluding when you hear the soft ding of the singing bowl. You hear my voice express gratitude, and direct you to relax as needed, and slowly return to your body. When you are ready, you wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes. And you feel amazing.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Deep relaxation, aiding the release of stress and tension from the body

  • Relieves and anxiety and depression

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Assists in better quality of sleep

  • Brings mental clarity and Increases focus in daily life

  • Helps to rid the body of toxins

  • Accelerates the body's healing processes

  • Aides in pain relief

  • Assists in attuning and elevating consciousness

  • Removes energy blockages

  • Adjusts the flow of the endocrine system to bring the body into balance and harmony

  • Supports the immune system

  • Increases vitality and slows aging

  • Raises the body's vibrational frequency

  • Assists with spiritual growth and ascension, as well as emotional clearing and growth

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Keep in mind that a distance healing session doesn't have to take place at the same time you're available - a wonderful advantage over in-person services. You'll specify when you want to receive the healing and will receive a video if you can't attend live.

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