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Divinely Aligned Soul Reading


Welcome, beautiful soul.

I see you.


You've done so much healing and soul searching.

And you've made some wonderful progress.


But, still...something is holding you back.

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The Divinely Aligned Soul Reading is a multi-faceted powerhouse of transformation.

When you've tried other methods of transformation, and nothing hits quite deep enough - you still feel stuck on the healing and mindset hamster wheel, your goals continue to elude you, and you lack clarity on your Soul purpose - this is your roadmap to show you the way.

In this session, we'll do a deep dive into your Akashic Records to finally discover who you are at Soul level - your spiritual gifts, your unique Divine frequency, your cosmic origins, life lessons, Soul purpose, energetic blocks, karmic patterns, past life stories, and so much more.

This is information you need if you want to create the life you truly desire from a place of alignment.


When shedding blocks, false beliefs, and old paradigms, you'll always be shifting into a new frequency.

All too often, people will shift out of one incongruent frequency into yet another incongruent frequency, and end up frustrated that their transformation still doesn't get the results they truly desire.

We'll uncover all of the invisible roadblocks that have been leading you astray from unlocking your true potential - the programming, false beliefs, energetic blocks and restrictions, Soul contracts, curses, and so much more. Not just from this lifetime, but also past lifetime karmic baggage that has carried over with you, and ancestral karma, too.

This session is so much more than just a reading.

I wanted to create an experience that would not just be informative, but transformational. Something actionable and easily understandable, that combined the forces of practicality with the mystical.


Readings are often full of interesting information, but you don't just want information - you want TRANSFORMATION. You'll not only receive the most in-depth, inspirational, and insightful reading of your life, you'll also receive guidance on how to transmute those blocks and restrictions into aligned actions, how to utilize your Soul gifts, a personalized Quantum Healing Protocol to release your blocks and restrictions, and a personalized Cosmic Soul Profile report.

This is your time to step fully into your Divine Awakening


You're meant for so much more, and you know this - in the depth of your heart, you know it.


You've done the meditations. You've read the books, and the tea leaves.

You've recited affirmations and mantras, colored mandalas, and worked on your mindset until your brain went numb.

Maybe you've gone on a few spiritual retreats, and made a vision board or two.

And you've managed to peel back a few release a few blocks and negative patterns.

You've developed a little more self love, and gotten a little closer to the truth.

You've even managed to manifest a little something along the way.

But, something is still missing. You're still lacking clarity.

And you still feel stuck.

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You still keep hitting a wall halfway to your goals, finding yourself in the same undesirable situation over and over again, or feel like you're really busy and yet not getting anywhere.

You find yourself wondering if you're not "doing it right", then worrying that your self doubt is sabotaging your efforts.

You're still stuck on the hamster wheel of life, but not truly living the way you know you're meant to.

You've had a million ideas and set more goals than you can count, but...

You still keep sabotaging yourself, still can’t manifest what you want so badly, you’re still in pain, still snapping at your husband and kids for breathing the wrong way, still feel depressed or anxious and don't know why, and you feel confused about which idea or opportunity you should pursue.

You're feeling burned out because you've tried everything and are still running around in circles.

You're an awakened Soul, but you're frustrated.

And I'm here to tell you, all of these frustrating symptoms you're experiencing - and the reason everything you've tried hasn't worked yet - have the same root cause.

I see you.


What your current experience is like...

🔮 You feel lost and need guidance through your spiritual awakening


🔮 You've tried countless ways to create transformation, but nothing sticks

🔮 You often start projects or new ideas, but can't seem to finish anything

🔮 You're living the same day over and over, like you're trapped in the movie "Groundhog Day"


🔮 You keep attracting the same negative situation in your life again and again


🔮 You find yourself chasing every shiny object in your path and aren't sure what to focus on


🔮 You struggle with either bringing in money or holding onto it


🔮 You feel like a black sheep who doesn't belong anywhere

🔮 You sabotage relationships before others can hurt you or you become chronically dependent


🔮 You feel trapped in situations due to obligation to others or feeling enslaved by the system

🔮 You suffer from chronic pain and illness that doctors can't explain and nothing seems to work

What you want to experience...

🔮 Clarity on your Soul Purpose

🔮 Healing from the energetic blockages and traumas that create self-sabotage

🔮 Healthy relationships in which you can express yourself authentically


🔮 Expansion of your consciousness into higher frequencies

🔮 Immunity to distractions from your Soul Path

🔮 A rich life full of abundance, love, joy, and freedom


🔮 Empowerment to step away from circumstances not in your Highest Good


🔮 Motivation and momentum to create your personal impact in the world

🔮 Feeling healthy, vibrant, and radiant


🔮 Transforming your reality and manifesting the life you most truly desire


🔮 An open connection with your Highest Self, your Spirit guides, and Divine Source

🔮 Owning your role as the powerful Divine Creator of your reality that you truly are

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The reason so many of us struggle to create a life in which we feel fulfilled, is...

we have no idea who we truly are at Soul level.

This one thing is EVERYTHING

If you don't know who you are at Soul level...

You don't know what choices are aligned to your Divine True Nature


You don't know what your spiritual gifts are


You don't know what actions will actually work to manifest your desires


You lack clarity on your Soul purpose

You doubt yourself and often subconsiously sabotage your efforts


You have no idea what path will bring you abundance, ease, and joy

And, how could you know these things, after all?

We aren't born equipped with Soul manuals.


But we are born with Soul Blueprints.

And it's your Divine Right to know yours.

Your Divine Soul Blueprint is the literal makeup of your very Soul, and your experiences and evolution throughout your eternal existence.

Discovering the details of the Higher aspects - the eternal aspects - of yourself, is key to understanding how you, as a Soul, truly want to show up in the world within your human incarnation.

The experience of a Divinely Aligned Soul Reading is part reading, part guidance, part healing, and ALL about transformation.

A quick breakdown of the different aspects of this session

(keep reading further down the page for more details):

The Roadmap

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This is your Divine Frequency - it defines your Soul gifts, how you operate, and how you unlock your abundance.

We also talk about many more aspects of your Divine Blueprint - things like your Soul vibration rate, your vibrational bandwidth, your organizing principle, your primary life lesson, your animal spirit guides, Soul specializations and much more.

I don't expect you to know what these things are, so all of this is explained in a clear, down-to-earth way during your session.

The Compass

We discuss your Cosmic Soul Group - what group your Soul most identifies as and relates to in the cosmos. What kind of star seed are you? This is the lens through which you see the world and how you relate to life on earth and other beings.

This also the source of certain Soul missions and brings additional spiritual gifts.

The Roadblocks

We pull back the curtain on all the karmic patterns, the negative beliefs and thought forms, curses, programming and conditioning, Soul contracts, coping mechanisms, ancestral karma, vows, Soul fragmentation, and much more - not only from this lifetime, but past lifetimes.

All of these blocks and how they're affecting you is explained in a clear, easy to understand way.

You learn what past lifetimes these energetic blocks came from, and what happened that created them. The blocks you'll be uncovering and clearing from just this one session is more than most people heal from in a lifetime. Or, multiple lifetimes, even.

The Navigator

This is so important. I'm not going to tell you about all those energetic blocks and how they're affecting you, and then just tell you to have a nice life.


You receive guidance on shifting out of those negative patterns and into aligned actions that resonate to your Soul, AND you get a full Quantum Healing Protocol to rapidly clear and release ALL OF IT.


You leave the session with a clear plan of action on how to move forward and transform.

Tools of the Journey

After your session, you receive an email that includes the link to download the recording of your session, so you can listen as many times as you like, and have this precious record forever.


You also receive a pdf document with your Soul profile information - all that stuff about who you are at Soul level. Your own personal Soul guidebook, so to speak. Pretty cool, right?


Additionally, you receive your full Quantum Healing Protocol to quickly clear all of those karmic patterns and energetic blocks at the 5th dimensional level.

This is not a just reading or a method, it's an AWAKENING.

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Your Divine Soul Blueprint is the missing key.

This is the truth that's been hidden  for so long.

It's been buried under a history of human struggle for survival. Thousands of years of conditioning, programming, sacrificing, and suppression.


We don't know who we truly are, and we lack conscious awareness of the energetic Soul-level karmic patterns influencing our every choice, every action, and, often, every thought.

I want to change that for you.

There's a reason the Law of Attraction, the journaling, the 5 X 55 manifestation method, the vision boards, the affirmations, and the meditations aren't getting you where you want to be.

There's a reason the tarot card readings, the oracle card readings, the psychic readings, and the past life readings have left you wondering what to actually do with all those interesting tidbits.

It's frustrating feeling like you have to hop from thing to thing trying to get the full picture, find your sense of direction, and still don't know what to focus on.


Even if you know WHAT you want, unless you know the Divine Blueprint of your unique, beautiful Soul, you don't know HOW to actually manifest it.

Unless you have awareness of the negative karmic patterns you've been carrying lifetime after lifetime, how they got there, and how to release them, you're navigating in the dark around mysterious, frustrating obstacles - many you have no conscious awareness of.

These karmic patterns create huge blind spots in our perception of ourselves and the world around us.

To make it even more challenging, most of us don't even know what our spiritual gifts are to navigate past these obstacles and create what we really WANT.

Your spiritual gifts are what unlock your abundance, joy, and unconditional love.

You simply don't know what you don't know.

But, the good news is, you CAN know. You have a right to know.

It's your Soul, after all!

What you'll learn in a Divinely Aligned Soul Reading:


What your spiritual/Soul gifts are

The unique Divine frequency of your Soul that defines your spiritual gifts and how you operate

Cosmic Origins - are you a starseed, what is your cosmic Soul group, and how does that play into your spiritual gifts, traits, and mission

How many Spirit Guides are on your team, as well as how many Animal Spirit Guides and what they are

How many incarnations your Soul has had all throughout the Universe

Your primary life lesson and percentage of completion

What karmic patterns, energetic blocks, and Soul traumas are currently affecting you from your present and past lives, that you are ready to heal from

Your past life stories and circumstances that created the karmic blocks and traumas you're still carrying with you in this life

How to identify which events from your present life instigated the negative patterns you're still engaging with

How to transmute those negative karmic patterns into patterns aligned with your Divine Soul Blueprint

How to fully heal your Soul of the blocks and trauma (I'll set up the Quantum Healing Protocol for you, and YOU get to activate it)

How you show up when Divinely expressed (and how you're showing up when suppressed)

What to focus on to move you forward - and what distractions to ignore

Your Soul specializations - special skills your Soul has learned through its many incarnations

What kinds of aligned, inspired actions to take to create what you truly desire

If you find yourself saying YES to any of these, the Divinely Aligned Soul Reading was made for you:

You feel a Soul calling to find your deeper purpose

You want to tune further in to your intuition and spirit guides

You feel stagnant in your spiritual awakening and know there are more layers to uncover

You want to quantum leap to the most aligned, abundant, joyful version of you

You've tried many routes to transformation, but something is missing

You have shiny object syndrome, and don't know what to focus on

You want to fully embody your role as the Divine Creator of your reality

If you know there's something deep down holding you back, but you haven’t been able to pinpoint it or get past it...

You've meditated, read a library of spiritual and personal development books, set New Moon intentions, smudged every corner of your property, stuck sticky notes of affirmations to the bathroom mirror...but it's still not happening for you...

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This is for you, Starseed.

You can finally embody the experience you desire:

Have clarity and a clear sense of direction and purpose

Amplify your spiritual gifts to accelerate your path forward


Learn to love yourself unconditionally

Manifest a reality greater than you ever imagined

Move through life in alignment with your Divine Soul

Heal from the karmic patterns and blocks that have held you back

Learn to tune into the Divine guidance and feedback you receive daily

Release what no longer serves your Highest Good

Own your role as the Divine Creator of your reality

(Notice I keep coming back to this one)

You'll have everything you need to create your desired reality:


Cosmic Soul Profile

In-depth Soul Insight

Divine Frequency

Spiritual Gifts

Soul Purpose

Cosmic Origins

Soul Specialties

Spirit Guides

Animal Guides


And many more details about your Divine Soul Blueprint, where you are on your Soul journey, and coaching on embodying your Divine Soul self.


Unveiling of Obstacles

Karmic Blocks

Negative Patterns

Energetic Restrictions

Soul Trauma

Lower Astral Entity Interference

Past Life Stories

Ancestral Karma

Soul Contracts

And more, with many details and explanations of what each of these are, how they're affecting you, where they came from, and how to transmute and release them.

Rise up...

Full Akashic Healing & Clearing Protocol

Quantum Healing Protocol

You'll receive guidance on how to transmute the negative patterns, as well as a complete clearing and Quantum Healing Protocol to release all of the energetic blocks, restrictions, negative entities, contracts, negative patterns, and whatever else is revealed to be affecting you.

And, because you receive a lot of information and guidance on the Zoom call, I send you a downloadable recording of your entire session, and a pdf document containing your Cosmic Soul Profile information, for your reference.


Some words from a few of my lovely clients...


I’m so grateful for Neelou’s gift of gathering information from the Akashic records and then communicating the information in a kind and easy to understand way. We did three sessions, first for my two daughters and then for myself. Each time I gained a deeper awareness of both gifts and blocks. I love that Neelou shares how to transform and clear things that are holding us back from being in our Divine Alignment. So grateful!


Tiffany Stewart

Divinely Aligned Soul Reading client


You'll be armed with the knowledge of who you are, w
hat is holding you back and why, how to heal and clear it all, and what to actually DO going forward.

Your personal Divinely Inspired action plan.

lady with crystal ball.png

I won't leave you with a bunch of confusing information about yourself with no actual direction, which is, sadly, what a lot of readings end up doing.

And you'll be truly amazed at how quickly your life can change, for the better, when you're living in alignment with your true Divine Nature.

That's when everything falls into place. That's when the negative feedback you keep getting from the Universe suddenly changes to positive.

It's not about being "good" or working "hard" - it's about being authentically YOU.

What do you need to bring to the table?

I'm glad you ask! The truth is, this level of transformational work isn't for everyone.

Do you have a willingness to take new, inspired action aligned with your Divine Soul?

Are you willing to take responsibility as the Divine Creator of your reality?

(With power, comes responsibility!)

Are you motivated and committed to your path of transformation?

If you answered YES to all three - let's get this journey started!

How this works:

Signing up for this magical, transformational, soul-healing goodness is super simple.

When you click the button to sign up, you'll be taken to the payment screen.

Immediately after payment, you'll be prompted to schedule your Zoom call in the online booking system. Be sure to select your time zone.

You'll then enter the info I need from you to access your Akashic record.


If you don't know your schedule right that minute, don't fret! There's a schedule link in the email receipt you'll receive that you can click later to get on the calendar.

It's all good.

Once you're scheduled, you'll receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link that you'll use to log in to the call when it's time for your appointment.

And that's it!


In the meantime, I'll be pulling all of the information needed from your Akashic Record and preparing your session, so it'll be ready to go when it's time for the call. You can just relax and carry on as normal until then. Just make sure you mark your calendar!

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Can you give me a summary of what I learn in the reading?

You'll learn your Divine Soul Blueprint and who you are at Soul level. This includes learning what energetic frequencies comprise your Soul makeup, your Cosmic Origins, what your spiritual gifts are, and how to operate within your own Divine frequency to use your gifts to unlock your abundance and radiance. This is your Soul Path, and shows you what to focus on and what distractions to ignore, as well as what percentage of your current choices are already aligned to your Soul Path, so you have a better understanding of where you are on your journey. You'll also learn your Soul specializations, and what your primary life lesson is, your animal spirit guides, how many incarnations you've had throughout the universe, and much more.

You'll discover the negative karmic patterns that are affecting you from both your present and past lives, the past life stories of how they got there, and how to transmute and release them. You'll receive coaching during the session and a personalized healing protocol to accomplish this. These are the invisible roadblocks that prevent you from being able to fully express your Divinity, and keep you locked in negative patterns that hide in your subconscious.

Included is a downloadable recording of the session for you to keep, which is done over Zoom, as well as a downloadable pdf document of your Cosmic Soul Profile for your reference.

Have a different question? Let's chat! You can email me at

Book directly from this page!

You'll be prompted to schedule your session after purchase, but if you don't know right now when you want to do it, you can click the link from your receipt email to schedule it later when it's more convenient for you.

Much love to you, beautiful Soul

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