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Community Crystal Grid

Crystal grid for peace and harmony in communication

Current Grid:

Energy Intention: Peaceful, loving, harmonic communication

Affirmation: I communicate from a place of love, and my interactions with others flow with ease, peace, and harmony.

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Spirit of Lotus will never rent, sale, or share your information with anyone.

A crystal grid is used to help manifest a particular goal or outcome. It's composed of an arrangement of crystals over a sacred geometry pattern - each component is chosen to complement each other for the intended purpose of the grid. A well-arranged and carefully curated crystal grid can have a powerful impact that allows one to live a more positive life.

Crystal grids are created for an endless variety of purposes - to find a new job, attract prosperity, a self love boost, physical or emotional healing, sending healing to a particular situation, attracting romantic love, peace and harmony, intuitive guidance, mental clarity, honoring Mother Earth, protection, banishing anxiety, bringing joy, etc....

The community crystal grid here at Spirit of Lotus is open to all who wish to benefit. Each grid will stay up for approximately a month, for a particular energetic outcome. The current grid will always be on this page, updated each time it changes.


If you would like your name to be added to the grid as a recipient of its energy, sign up below. It's free!


Once you sign up, you will receive notice when the current grid is taken down and a new grid is set up, along with its purpose. Your name will be included in each grid, unless you wish to sit out a particular grid, in which case you can simply reply to the email that you want to skip the current grid.


If you wish to be removed from the list and all future grids, you can simply unsubscribe, and your name will be removed as a recipient of the grid. You can always rejoin later, if you wish - it's all completely up to you!

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