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FAR Infrared Therapy




Come experience the perfect retreat from your day-to-day stresses. You see this beauty? This is a mat that produces FAR Infrared heat and negative ion therapy, and it is on the table for each and every client* to enjoy and benefit from the therapeutic effects during their massage therapy, Reiki healing, or guided meditation sessions.

The Inframat is on during every session throughout, and there is also an option to add a 15 minute post-massage, during which time the infrared heat will be bumped up to optimize the healing effects of your session.

Is it comfortable?

Despite the fact that you will be laying on a bed of amethyst (sounds very cool, yes?), you'll still be quite comfortable. Underneath the Inframat is a layer of thick memory foam to help it conform, and layered on top is a layer of waterproof padding (not pictured here), a faux wool pad, a waterproof and dust-proof cover for easy cleaning and sanitation (also not pictured), then the sheet you are used to lying on. The warmth will gently penetrate your cells and go deep into your muscles and body tissues, as opposed to a normal heating pad that just heats your skin and superficial tissues.

How does the Inframat work?

The Inframat itself is composed of a total of 16 layers, including the gemstone layer comprised of amethyst, jade, and tourmaline. It produces a type of heat called FAR Infrared heat, which penetrates up to six inches into the body. This heat increases circulation and oxygen movement, and decreases pain, inflammation, stiffness, and stress. ​ The Inframat also produces negative ion therapy, which promotes healthy skin and bones by increasing collagen production within the body's tissues. This process assists the body in healing and rejuvenation from injury and illness. Negative ions have also been shown to decrease depression and anxiety, decrease acidity levels, and counteract the harmful EMF radiation we are continuously exposed to through computers and cell phones in our normal daily lives. And then there are those beautiful crystals built into the mat. So, what are they for exactly? Well, amethyst has been used medicinally, and for meditation and calming for thousands of years. It also happens to be an energy superconductor - acting to focus the infrared heat energy into the body. Jade has also been used medicinally for thousands of years, often for kidney ailments. Tourmaline actually emits some of its own far infrared and negative ions, assisting with detoxification of the body's tissues and systems. Combine those stones with the FAR infrared and negative ions produced by the mat, and you have a recipe for some amazing healing and rejuvenating to take place. This therapy beautifully compliments massage, Reiki, and meditation sessions.

Some common conditions that are helped by the Inframat:


Anxiety & Depression

Circulatory problems

Muscle, bone, and joint pain

Headaches, including migraine



Chronic Fatigue



Breathing ailments such as COPD

*Contraindications: Those who have the following conditions should not use the FAR infrared heat. That means, if any of these apply to you, we need to turn the mat off prior to your session, so let me know.

Pregnant women

Children under the age of 12

Vericose Veins

Open wounds or very thin skin

Bypass surgery

Pacemaker placement

Use of blood thinners


Temperature sensitivity

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