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Crystal Grid - Personalized

Crystal Grid - Personalized

A crystal grid is used to help manifest a particular goal or outcome. It's composed of an arrangement of crystals over a sacred geometry pattern - each component is chosen to complement each other for the intended purpose of the grid.


A well-arranged and carefully curated crystal grid can have a powerful impact that allows one to direct energy to manifest a specific desired outcome.


This service is to create a personalized crystal grid for the client, according to their needs. An appropriate layout and crystals will be chosen, set up, and activated for the recipient, and infused with Reiki energy weekly. A crystal grid will typically stay up for about three-four weeks, or whenever it's clear the grid's energy cycle is complete.


You'll receive a photo of your grid after it's set up, which is typically within 3-4 days of receiving the necessary information. You'll receive an email notification of when your grid is infused periodically with Reiki energy, and when the grid is taken down.


Upon purchase, you'll need to open the electronic document that is sent to you and click on the link inside. This will take you to an online form, where can specify your intentions for your grid, along with any other necessary information. Your answers are completely confidential.


The kinds of intentions and situations a crystal grid can help with:

Finding a job

Attracting romantic love

Promoting harmonic relationships

Peaceful communication

Self Love Boost

Abundance and prosperity

Physical or emotional healing

Honoring Mother Earth

Protection and neutralizing negative energy

Intuitive Guidance

Infusion of Happiness and Joy

Banish Anxiety

Calmness and serenity

And more...the possibilities are endless, and you can specify your personal need after purchase.


To add your name to the free community crystal grid, go HERE.

  • Service Only

    You will not receive anything physical with this order. This is a service provided. You will receive a picture of your grid and instructions on how you can work with the grid energy if you so choose.

  • Tech Specs

    Upon purchase, you'll receive a pdf file. Open the file and click the link inside to go to the online form where you will specify the purpose for your grid and provide any necessary information to direct the appropriate energy to you or the situation as needed.

  • Limited Availability

    The number of grids I can run simultaneously is very limited, so this service will only show as availabe when I have an open spot.

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