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Meditation Haven


20 Minutes


Escape the grind to a relaxing, bespoke meditation experience. These 20-minute sessions will have you centered, serene, blissfully present and grounded.

Create your sanctuary with options for aromatherapy, infrared mat temperature, frequency music, heated neck pillow, and the meditation your healer will guide you through.

During the booking process, you'll customize your session with your chosen options to create your dream experience.

If you so choose, enhance your session with a facial massage, heated lutein eye mask, or scalp massage.

Explore the cosmos, meet Mother Earth, journey through your Chakras, connect with your Higher Self, and more. All in the safety and comfort of a private sanctuary space, on a decadently comfortable table with a heated infrared mat that promotes healing and cellular regeneration, while reducing tension and inflammation.

Feel your troubles melt away as you let go of the outside world and find your way back to center, while being guided through a powerful visual meditation journey.

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