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Self Love & Acceptance Ritual


60 Minutes


*This session can be booked as either in-person or distance healing. For distance healing, choose Self Love & Forgiveness from the drop-down menu when booking a Distance Healing session.

Be the love you wish to see in the world.

When we love ourselves, and I mean truly love ourselves, we don't play small. We don't let fear and hate win. We don't get upset and take it out on our loved ones. We don't tell ourselves how stupid or ugly we are. We don't stay in jobs we hate. We don't date people who are bad for us. We don't hold ourselves back from the success we deserve.

Much of the turmoil within us is rooted in a lack of self love.

Nonetheless, simply knowing or being told that truly loving ourselves will stop the fear-based self-sabotage we partake in...doesn't make it easy to simply just love ourselves.

Knowledge alone is not enough. We've been programmed to focus on our flaws. We've been conditioned to obsess over our faults. Self love can be an elusive goal for many people in today's world.

It is possible to change your mind's negative thought patterns. It's possible to root out old resentments, insecurities, and criticisms.

If we've been conditioned to criticize, resent, and distrust ourselves, we can choose to condition ourselves to like, and then forgive and support, and eventually, truly, deeply love ourselves.

This powerful session is designed to help you on your journey to self love and forgiveness.

The session begins with a crystal layout on and around the body, of a specially chosen combination of stones that cultivate love and forgiveness, stimulate deep healing, and bring in Divine support to this process. A Tibetan singing bowl is played to raise the vibration of the space, and start clearing out negativity from your energy field. Any lingering "surface debris" is then combed away with a selenite wand.

Tuning forks of 136.1 Hz will be played in conjunction with 128 Hz to induce a meditative state of relaxation, and prepare the mind and body to receive healing work.

Vibrational sound healing is done with tuning forks of various frequencies, chosen for their abilities to root out old beliefs, promote the frequency of love, banish fear and guilt, bring in joy, and allow for deep healing of the Self.

The tuning forks will be played within your subtle energy field, as well as the stems placed on certain points on your body to allow for a deep healing resonance, and to guide blockages and negative beliefs out of your system.

You are then guided through a beautiful and powerful visual meditation journey, to venture deeply into your mind, to find your energetic, mental, and emotional "baggage" of all the reasons you subconsciously sabotage yourself, release all of that baggage, and meet your Highest Self, for a deep energetic cleansing and healing experience.

Because this is a deep transformative process to experience, I also send a recording of the meditation for you to listen to for 20 days after the session.

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