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A note, and a theme, for the New Year

How to set the stage for the best year of your life - no resolutions required.

Several years ago, in lieu of making New Year’s resolutions, I started choosing a word, or a theme, for the year. I found this to work somewhat better, because it gave me one point of focus for my choices to revolve around.

I like this, because it’s both focused and fluid at the same time. It’s not about reaching a specific goal (which has often felt stifling for me), as much as shifting myself into a new vibrational pattern. It’s about making true lifestyle changes, or fundamentally changing an aspect of myself and my life I want to improve.

One year, I chose “organization”, because my biggest desire was to be more organized. It made sense, was practical, and helped motivate me to take action to embody that energy. I even hired a professional organizer to help me along, and she was fabulous!

But, sometimes I tried to be too clever, and my word somewhat missed the mark for what I was going for. I once chose the word “expansion”. I thought it sounded good, but found it didn’t give me the sense of direction I wanted out of a chosen theme. The problem, I realize now, was that I didn’t give myself a clear frame of reference and define what I really meant by “expansion”.

If you want to choose a theme for yourself, make sure you define what you mean by this theme, so you can take clear, actionable steps to start embodying that theme. If you can’t take action, you can’t affect the change you want.

This year, when I started to think about my word, one floated right to the front of my mind and just sparkled. ALIGNMENT. This is it. This is my word.

What do I mean by alignment? This word might mean different things to different people. I know if I’m going to live by this theme, I have to define it for myself and create a frame of reference I can flow within.

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For me, embodying alignment is making choices and taking actions that are in alignment with my divine soul blueprint. It’s about matching the vibrational frequency of my everyday life with my soul path. Making choices and taking only the actions that move me closer and closer to being fully in sync with my divine true nature.

Embodying alignment requires transformation. Transformation requires shedding all that’s not me - the programming, conditioning, low vibrational energies and thoughtforms, beliefs, egoic identities, etc., that are not me. We all carry these things around, most of which we aren’t even conscious of, and they influence the decisions we make every day.

Yes, this work requires actually knowing who I am at soul level, which is something I’ve been delving deeply into. And yes, it requires a lot of implementation of methods of uncovering and revealing all of the layers of “stuff” to shed away. That’s a process I’ve been doing for a very long time, but have greatly accelerated in recent times. Yes, it also means shifting my paradigm around what kinds of choices and actions equate to living my divinity (this is the fun part!). And, yes, it also requires making new decisions that are more in alignment with my soul, which means stepping outside the “comfort zone” of what I’ve gotten used to.

The rewards and results of this work are blessings immeasurable. Truly, but more on that later.

This adventure of alignment is something I’ve been on for over two decades, though I was somewhat sidetracked at times (and that’s okay!). However, I inadvertently found myself diving much more deeply into it these past two years, laying the foundations for the next phase of the journey.

So, that is my theme, and this is my path forward.

To that end, I have some beautiful and exciting offerings coming down the line very soon to help others get in alignment with their own divine soul blueprints. I’m not quite ready to make any official announcements just yet, but very much looking forward to it.

In the meantime, my best advice is to remember to be present. To be in the now, this present moment - which is, of course, all we ever really have. Be present, be grounded, and you will be ready for the next step.

P.S. If you need help getting yourself grounded and present, I can always help with that, either in person or remotely. My sessions are wonderful for clearing away the low vibes, removing dense energy blockages, and getting you back on your proverbial feet.

From the desk of Neelou Saleh Spirit of Lotus

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