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Ascending To 5D With Crystals

How to use Earth's enchanting treasures to assist you on your spiritual journey.

Woman using crystals to assist in meditation for spiritual ascension to 5D

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As an influx of Awakened Souls fervently embrace the path towards attunement and ascension into the realms of 5D consciousness, an ever-expanding tapestry of resources, ideas, and inspiration has appeared to assist in reaching this Enlightened state of being.

It’s important, though, that each seeker understand the stages of this process, which always must start with grounding, centering, healing, and releasing, in order to be open to attunement, alignment, and ascension into the Higher Realms of Consciousness.

There are many ways to go through this journey, but I have found that using the enchanting power of crystals to assist along the way accelerates the process, making powerful quantum leaps a regular part of the transformational path into 5D.

Every step down the path - from grounding, to removing dense energy blocks and healing, to aligning your body’s cells to be more attuned to profound higher states of being - crystals, adorned with captivating beauty and imbued with ancient wisdom, stand as formidable allies to accompany you on your journey. These opulent gems possess an inherent power that resonates within the depths of your being, offering potent assistance as you traverse the path of Enlightenment.


The first phase of any new transformational journey is grounding - clearing, healing, and strengthening the radiant Root Chakra, while connecting energetically and spiritually to the majesty that is Mother Earth.

Within the realm of crystalline wonders, a myriad of extraordinary gems are eager to assist you in this transformative journey. Red Jasper, with its fiery energy, anchors you to the Earth's nurturing embrace, igniting courage and vitality within your core. Hematite, a stalwart companion, shields you from negativity, grounding your spirit with unwavering strength. And in the gentle embrace of Smoky Quartz, a mystical veil of protection envelops you, purging stagnant energies and facilitating profound healing.

These magnificent crystals, among countless others, beckon you to unlock their profound gifts on your path to ascension.

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Engaging in a grounding meditation is a sacred act of reconnecting with the Earth's boundless energy and finding inner balance. To deepen this practice, consider incorporating a red jasper, holding it in your hand as you listen to the soothing tones of 396 Hz frequency.

Together, they form a harmonious symphony that guides you on a profound journey of stability, tranquility, and restoration. Through this synergistic union, you can unlock the transformative power within and embark on a grounding meditation that nurtures your soul and expands your consciousness. Then, carry that red jasper in your pocket throughout the day to continue harmonizing the natural rhythm of your being.

There are many ways to use grounding crystals to assist in this beginning phase of a spiritual journey of ascension. You can wear the crystal in a piece of jewelry, carry it in your pocket, hold it during meditation, place them on and around your body in a crystal layout, make crystal water to drink, and whatever else may feel aligned to your Heart and Soul.

Clearing Dense Energy

Once you’ve established a grounded and harmonious state, you’ll be ready to embark on the path of clearing dense energies, releasing old patterns and traumas, and dissolving invisible obstacles. The realm of crystals offers a plethora of options to assist you in this sacred process.

Crystals like Amethyst, Selenite, and Clear Quartz possess remarkable purifying properties, gently sweeping away stagnant energies and facilitating inner healing.

Additionally, working with energy-clearing methods such as smudging with sacred herbs like sage or palo santo, creating crystal grids, or practicing sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowls can further enhance your journey of liberation and renewal.

Embrace the boundless possibilities that crystals and various clearing methods present, allowing them to guide you towards the liberation of your spirit and the radiant clarity of your true essence.

A beautiful option is elite shungite, which can be held during meditation to gently remove dense energies from your cells and help your body prepare to align to higher vibrations.

Goethite can be held over a Chakra that is embedded with persistent blockages from old, stubborn energetic wounds and emotional traumas to clear them out and make way for Creator Substance to come in and heal those wounds.

Chakra Balancing

When it comes to the vital task of clearing and healing your Chakras, it represents a potent and indispensable step on the path of transformation and ascension. The process itself can be tailored to your unique needs, whether you prefer a simple or more intricate approach.

Seeking the guidance of a professional crystal and energy healer can be immensely beneficial, as they possess the expertise to assess and address the state of your Chakras. Through their profound knowledge, they can skillfully employ complex crystal layouts that are precisely attuned to your specific requirements, maximizing the potential for profound healing and rebalancing. Embracing the assistance of these gifted practitioners ensures that your Chakra healing journey is guided by wisdom and supported by the power of crystals, paving the way for a harmonious and vibrant energetic system.

For those who are comfortable trying this on their own, listening daily to a Chakra clearing meditation while lying down with coordinating stones on each Chakra can be a gentle way to gradually heal and align the Chakras. There are many wonderful crystals that can be used for this purpose, but an easy-to-obtain set might contain red jasper (root), citrine (sacral), tiger’s eye (solar plexus), aventurine (heart), blue lace agate (throat), amethyst (third eye), and clear quartz (crown).

A iPhone with a Chakra Clearing Meditation on the screen
The Ultimate Chakra Clearing Meditation

This meditation was the result of my first life-altering, deep healing experience - my first time to do a Chakra meditation. It has become my go-to for rebalancing my Chakras beautifully, every time.

These remarkable crystals, despite their accessibility and affordability, possess an awe-inspiring potency that transcends their humble nature. Their intrinsic power is nothing short of breathtaking, capable of creating profound healing and restoring balance with perfect grace.

To further your journey of transcendence, you may want to have a crystal to strengthen your Earth Star Chakra, such as a garnet, hematite, or lodestone. This Chakra is your grounding wire to the earth, and supports the Root Chakra, and is also a key to connecting to the 5D energy grid of the earth.

Because this process is ultimately to ascend fully to 5D consciousness, strengthening and connecting with the Soul Star Chakra is also a vital step. Some lovely crystals to help with this Chakra might be a cobaltoan calcite, or magenta fluorite. Holding one of these crystals during a 5D ascension meditation, or placing it where this Chakra is located while doing a full Chakra layout will assist in grounding your 5D consciousness down into your 3D reality.

Awakening Dormant DNA

As you further embark on this wondrous journey, it becomes imperative to awaken the dormant strands of your DNA, harboring within them the boundless knowledge and untapped potential that resides within each of us. These dormant strands hold the key to elevating consciousness and embracing our Soul Purpose in its entirety.

As you activate these latent gifts, you unlock the gateway to a profound transformation, propelling you towards a luminous destiny aligned with the essence of your being.

There are many methods to activating dormant DNA, and of course, crystals that can help.

One example is the enchanting Lemurian seed crystal - special quartz laser points that are embedded with ancient knowledge from the Lemurians. Connecting and meditating with a Lemurian seed crystal, so it will reveal its hidden secrets, will also activate DNA strands in the seeker, bringing them into new state of wisdom and awareness.

Another activating and awakening stone is the mysterious Moldavite. This stone is believed to be at least part extra-terrestrial in origin, as it comes from a location that was struck by a meteor a long time ago. Moldavite has been considered a sacred and powerful spiritual stone for thousands of years, and continues to play an important and ever-increasing role in the process of the spiritual awakening and elevation of humanity.

Communicating with your Angels and Spirit Guides

All spiritual seekers are better off for developing open communication with their Angels and Spirit Guides. Opening the Throat Chakra with the assistance of Angelite will help open the channels of communication with your angels. For connecting with and receiving messages from your Spirit Guides, go to sleep with a Dream Quartz nearby, wear an opal, or try meditating with selenite or smokey quartz.

Advancing on the journey of transformation and ascension requires embracing a profound state of self-knowledge, allowing one to navigate the depths of their Divine Soul Blueprint.

In this transformative expedition, the mineral Astrophyllite emerges as a magnificent ally, offering invaluable assistance along your path. Through its mystical properties, Astrophyllite unveils hidden truths and guides you towards the illumination of your authentic self, enabling a harmonious union with your Divine Essence. Embrace this luminous mineral as a beacon of wisdom on your transformative journey, illuminating the path to self-discovery and soulful exploration.

5D Awareness Ascension

When the seeker has fully integrated through the many stages of this spiritual adventure, and is ready to take ascension to the next level, the radiant presence of a majestic Herkimer diamond becomes an influential companion.

However, you may discover an even deeper resonance with the ethereal energies of Barite or Calcite, enhancing your ascension meditation experience to sublime levels.

Remember, it is essential to follow the path that aligns most harmoniously with your unique energy and heartfelt intentions, for therein lies the true essence of spiritual growth and transcendence.

This journey has many stages and will continue on even past ascension of full awareness into your 5th dimensional aspect, as once you find your Soul Path and Divine Soul Blueprint, that’s when a whole new adventure begins. And, as always, there’s a perfect crystal for that.

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Ascending to 5D with crystals


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