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Cosmic Vibes Crystal Reiki


60 Minutes


This session layers the Divine healing frequencies of three profound holistic techniques - the cosmic flow of Reiki energy, the enchanting healing properties of crystals, and ancient vibrational sound healing powers of the Solfeggio frequencies, incorporating the powerfully grounding Earth Ohm frequency (acutonics frequencies created via blissful tuning forks and a Tibetan bowl sound bath).

Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a traditional Japanese energy healing technique used to assist in rebalancing out-of-sync energy flow in the body and break up energy blockages that result in physical and emotional ailments. It opens up the flow of Chi through the energy pathways in the body called Meridians and rebalances the energy centers known as Chakras. Reiki is a hands-off energy healing technique that is performed by channeling Universal Life Energy in through the healer's Crown Chakra and out the energy centers in the palms of the hands, into the energy field of the recipient.

Over the many years of performing Reiki, I have developed a unique method that involves channeling not only Universal Life Force Energy, but also Divine Cosmic Love energy, supportive Mother Earth Energy, and 5D Quantum Healing energy. This results in a truly phenomenal and powerful healing session.

Crystal Reiki is combining the powerful healing of crystals with the soothing, gentle Reiki energy. A crystal layout is placed on and around the body according the healing needs of the recipient before the Reiki healing begins.

Crystals, like everything, each have their own unique frequencies that can be used for healing, or to help manifest desired intentions. The frequency of a crystal is very stable, and will help bring the frequency of what it is placed on or near towards its own frequency.

Because of this, different crystals are ideal to help heal different ailments, Chakras, situations, etc.. Combining certain crystals together in specific layouts enhances the healing effects profoundly.

The specific intent of the client for the crystal layout will be chosen during the booking process, and can include:

Chakra healing & balancing

Physical wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing

Shielding and protection

Intuitive guidance

Grounding & connecting to Mother Earth

Forgiveness (of self and/or others)

Enhanced Third-eye awakening

Healing the heart

Activating your creative center

Banishing Anxiety

Bringing Joy & Happiness

And more! You can always specify your specific need.

Vibrational Sound Healing is a type of frequency healing using tuning forks, known as acutonics. Everything has a frequency - including our physical and energy bodies, and the different parts and systems that comprise them.

Disruption and disregulation in our energy frequencies can result in, or be the result of, stress, pain, and blockages that prevent us from moving forward, growing, and achieving our full potential in life.

Tuning forks of different frequencies are used to detect and clear energy blockages and restore harmony and balance. As each turning fork plays its specific frequency, it is held within the subtle energy body of the client, and sometimes the stem of the vibrating fork is touched on certain points of the body, to allow deep resonance.

The frequencies that may be used during this session are:

68.05 Hz (Low Ohm Earth frequency) - Used to clear and balance the Earth Star Chakra, which acts as our grounding wire to the earth, and supports the Root Chakra. Also used to relieve joint, muscle, and nerve pain, improve circulation, and promote relaxation.

128 Hz - Used to relieve pain, and promote relaxation and good health. Often played simultaneously with 136.1 Hz to induce a meditative state of relaxation and prepare the mind and body to receive healing work.

136.1 Hz (Middle Ohm Earth frequency) - Known as the Ohm frequency and the same frequency as the Earth. Used for grounding and centering the mind and body, to promote spiritual and emotional healing, and good physical health. Often played simultaneously with 128 Hz to induce a meditative state of relaxation and prepare the mind and body to receive healing work.

174 Hz - Works as a natural anesthetic by helping to relieve pain, physically and energetically. Encourages the organs to work at optimum levels by surrounding them with a sense of security and love, and helps to dissolve worries.

285 Hz - Sends a message into the recipient's energy field to help with the restructuring of damaged tissues and organs - promotes healing. Awakens deep memories of Source and Inner Spirit, promoting deep healing of the self, the organs, and the energy body.

396 Hz - This frequency clears and strengthens the Root Chakra, banishing fear and guilt, while unlocking courage, strength, resourcefulness, and survival skills. It finds and roots out old subconscious negative beliefs, hidden blockages, bad habits, and negative thinking that lead to destructive behavior.

417 Hz - Clears and strengthens the Sacral Chakra. Helps to clear blockages from and the effects of past traumatic events, opening the way for transformation. Clears out accumulated energy blockages from dissatisfaction, unfilled desires, and frustrations, bringing in joy and a renewed zest for life.

528 Hz - Clears and strengthens the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is the frequency of Love, and known as the miracle frequency, as it can bring about miraculous transformation. This frequency also speeds up and promotes cellular healing, by changing water in such a way as to be more easily moved in and out of cells for healing and repair, and removing waste products.

639 Hz - Clears and strengthens the Heart Chakra. Strengthens interconnection, relationships, tolerance, and love. Improves communication, and can also be used to communicate with spiritual realms.

741 Hz - Clears and strengthens the Throat Chakra. Opens the path to freedom of true self-expression by removing dependence on outside ideas and superficial influences. Encourages the growth of creativity and the generation of creative ideas, assisting in achieving goals. Assists in living a healthier lifestyle and making healthy choices. Helps to clear the cells of electromagnetic radiation.

852 Hz - Clears and strengthens the Third Eye Chakra. Awakens intuition and clairvoyance, and gives the ability to see through the illusions of life. Expands perception of the world and Universe as a whole. Allows the ability to perceive and communicate with Higher Consciousness and inner self, bringing awareness to oneself as a spiritual being.

963 Hz - Clears and strengthens the Crown Chakra. Enables the recipient to experience Oneness. Assists in connection with Higher Consciousness and Higher Self, and assists with transcendence.

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