Zen Flow Therapeutic Massage


60 Minutes
90 Minutes
120 Minutes


Find relief for chronic pain issues, acute pain issues, chronic and acute stress; increase your range of motion and mobility. This therapy is recommended for most clients as it is a blend of techniques personalized for each individual. Therapeutic massage uses a harmonic combination of the best modalities from around the world. The techniques used vary depending on the individual needs of the client. The therapist will determine what combination of therapies is needed based on client consultation, muscle palpation, range of motion testing, and intuitive sensing. What is it? Therapeutic Massage sessions may consist of Trigger Point therapy, Shiatsu, clinical massage, Swedish massage ranging from light to firm pressure, Thai massage, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, dynamic cupping, fire cupping, hot stoneware massage tools, gua sha, and Reiki. (For more info on these modalities, read Therapeutic Modalities Explained.) The experience can be intensely therapeutic, or more gentle and gradual, depending on the needs of your mind and body. ​ Who is it for? Therapeutic Massage is excellent for most anyone. Great for clients who have multiple issues to be addressed or goals they wish to reach (pain relief, more flexibility, relief from stress and anxiety, etc.), those seeking specific muscle work, those who are active, those who spend many hours each day in front of a computer, or those who know they need bodywork but are simply not sure which techniques would best meet their needs. What are the benefits? Therapeutic Massage sessions are used to relieve muscular tension and pain, increase range of motion, address a number of pathologies related to muscle and connective tissue, relieve stress, depression, and anxiety, detox the body, improve circulation and immune system, and more.