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Healing With Mother Earth Ritual


60 Minutes


*This session can be booked as either in-person or distance healing. For distance healing, choose Connecting & Healing With Mother Earth from the drop-down menu when booking a Distance Healing session.

Sometimes, the most loving place we can look for healing is our own Mother Earth.

This session brings her loving embrace, and aligns and attunes you to her nurturing frequency, allowing for grounding and centering, and a deep healing resonance to take place throughout your entire being.

You will be releasing energetic "baggage" that weighs you down, unwinding and dissolving old blockages, and infusing and activating your cells with the nurturing and cleansing love of Mother Earth.

There are many who want to spiritually ascend, when they have not yet mastered the art of grounding. Being grounded to our earth mother is of upmost importance, and this means nurturing and strengthening our Earth Star and Root Chakras - the foundations on which all our other Chakras rest upon - and our Heart Chakra, the center of our subtle body.

The session begins with a crystal layout on and around the body, of stones that are strongly attuned to the healing frequency of Earth. A Tibetan singing bowl is played to raise the vibration of the space, and start clearing out negative energy from your energy field. Any lingering "surface debris" is then combed away with a selenite wand.

Tuning forks of 136.1 Hz will be played in conjunction with 128 Hz to induce a meditative state of relaxation, and prepare the mind and body to receive healing work.

Vibrational sound healing is done with the tuning forks of 68.05 Hz and 136.1 Hz. Both are the same frequency, the frequency of Earth, one octave apart.

68.05 Hz is used to clear and balance the Earth Star Chakra, which acts as our grounding wire to the earth, and supports the Root Chakra. 136.1 Hz is the Ohm frequency, used for grounding and centering the mind and body, to promote spiritual and emotional healing, and good physical health.

The frequency of 639 Hz will be used to clear and strengthen the Heart Chakra. It strengthens interconnection, relationships, tolerance, and love.

All will be played within your subtle energy field, as well as the stems placed on certain points on your body to allow for a deep healing resonance, and to guide blockages and negative beliefs out of your system.

You are then guided through a beautiful and powerful visual meditation journey, to meet the Spirit of Mother Earth, and receive healing and serenity through her nurturing embrace.

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