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15 Minute Consultation/


15 Minutes


Are you seeking answers and advice for your healing journey?

Sometimes, you need a little something more than just to receive the healing - you want knowledge and action steps!

Though I do give a brief rundown after each session of where I noticed blockages, where energy was or wasn't moving, etc., some clients want to be able to spend more than two minutes asking questions and getting more information about their personal assessment, or what they can do at home to further their progress.

Add this option to your session during the booking process if you would like extra time to talk about your healing journey and get your questions answered. This will extend your scheduled session time by 15 minutes, so we have time set aside to delve deeper into what you want to know.

The consultation can take place either before or after your session, depending on what you prefer and what kind of information you are seeking.

Most clients want to wait until after, but some wish to ask questions about energy work, meditation, etc., before the session so they can learn more about these topics. Whichever option you prefer is completely fine.

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