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Intention Setting Tea Ceremony


20 Minutes


Start your session out right with this magical tea ceremony.

Setting intentions is the Divine currency necessary for creating your desired reality.

In this sacred intention setting tea ceremony, you'll be walked through a short but powerful 12D Shielding and Light Pillar Activation meditation, as the ceremonial tea of your choosing is being prepared.

You'll then be ready to declare your sacred intention, infusing the vibration of your declaration into your tea, and integrating it into your body and essence as you sip.

You will then choose a card from The Enchanted Map oracle deck to receive a message from your spirit guides to help you on your path.

Your chosen intention can be anything you want to create in your reality - a healing intention for your session or for good health in general, an intention to manifest new aligned job opportunities, an intention to meet your perfect romantic match, or anything in between. It's your journey, you get to choose what you want to bring into your life next.

There are four exceedingly high quality ceremonial teas to choose from.

To prepare your tea to your taste, a few extras are provided - cream, raw sugar, and high quality local honey from a nearby bee keeper. Only the best for the beautiful Souls who walk in my door!

The azure toned tea pictured is the Sapphire tea for Divine self expression - colored blue by the butterfly pea flowers included in the ingredients.

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