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Violet Flame Purification Ritual


60 Minutes


*This session can be booked as either in-person or distance healing. For distance healing, choose Violet Flame Purification Ritual from the drop-down menu when booking a Distance Healing session.

This enchanting session is designed to help you on your journey of ascension back to your Divine authenticity.

It begins with a crystal layout on and around the body, of a carefully chosen combination of stones that clear out old stuck energy, awaken your Divine DNA, and open your connection to the highest version of yourself and universal consciousness.

A singing bowl sound bath is played to raise the vibration of the space, and start clearing out negativity from your energy field. Any lingering "surface debris" is then combed away with a selenite wand.

Cosmic frequencies of 136.1 Hz will be played in conjunction with 128 Hz to induce a meditative state of relaxation, and prepare the mind and body to receive healing work.

Vibrational sound healing is done with tuning forks of various Solfeggio frequencies, chosen for their abilities to root out old beliefs, promote the frequency of unconditional love, banish negative blocks, and allow for deep healing of the Self.

Golden Ray Reiki energy is channeled into the energy and physical bodies to heal and open the energy centers and pathways and realign energy vectors.

Angelic Light Language is channeled to speak directly to your soul and call in Divine healing and support.

You are then guided through an enchanting and powerful meditation Soul journey, venturing to a land of purification and enlightenment, for a deep energetic cleansing and healing experience that will clear out all that is not of your highest good, activate your latent DNA to wake up your Soul gifts, and strengthen your Diamond Light connection to the highest frequency of the universe.

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