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What is Quantum Timeline Alchemy?


Quantum Timeline Alchemy is a powerful method of clearing blocks you have in your life right now, transmuting your timelines by recoding the frequency of previous events, whether from past lives or this one.

Spirit of Lotus combines ancient healing techniques with modern knowledge and Divine technologies. I focus in intuitive, holistic modalities, such as:


You just found your sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle and never-ending to-do lists. You spend much of your day in fight or flight mode - deadlines, appointments, soccer practice, work stress, dinner planning, endless laundry, rush hour traffic...


The stress builds up, and often gets buried in your body (along with all energetic and karmic wounds you still carry) - where it manifests as nagging pain, tension, anxiety, headaches, a general feeling of unease, and even chronic illness and pain.


You need to heal, and rebalance, and maybe even explore that tugging sense of something deeper trying to come into your awareness. That's where I come in.

Whether you live nearby or far away, I have something here for you.

Expand your multidimensionality

Access new versions of your Soul's journey

Tap into your desired future and embody it now

chakra bundle.JPG

"Heavily Meditated" Massage Bundle

Massage, energy healing, meditation...This limited time bundle has it all, and you get to take some of the healing bliss home with you!

This bundle includes a 90 minute Reiki & Chakra Healing Massage Combo, a set of Chakra cards, a set of Chakra crystals, a downloadable copy of the Chakra Balancing Meditation, and a hand-written card for you. 

Come in for the Reiki and massage, take the rest home so you can continue your healing work in your own space whenever you like.

Limited supply - only 1 left!

Summer Refreshment: Add a Peppermint Foot Scrub to your session FREE until 9/17!

Perhaps you'd like to try some eucalyptus to clear your sinuses. Or maybe lavender to enhance your relaxation. A little peppermint to give you a boost of energy?

In addition to a healing, intuitive massage, you will also receive optional aromatherapy for no additional fee. Only high quality, pure essential oils are used for aromatherapy treatments. Aromatherapy treatments are used to assist in relaxation, help increase circulation in the area treated, uplift one's mood and energy levels, or to assist in increasing focus and mental clarity. This is included because I believe aromatherapy to be a perfect pairing partner to massage therapy or Reiki energy healing. Every client may choose to opt out.

Specialty Aromatherapy Treatments
In addition to standard aromatherapy treatments during massage, I also offer specialty personalized aromatherapy treatments that may be requested separately or as part of a massage.  Fees for specialty treatments may vary depending on need, so please call for a consultation about your aromatherapy needs.

Some benefits from aromatherapy treatments can be to boost immunity, calm anxiety and help relieve depression, increase energy and revitalize, improve focus and clarity, relax sore, tired muscles, and increase circulation.

Immune Boosting Aromatherapy Treatment: $20
A hand-picked combination of essential oils are applied to various places on the body to boost immunity and well-being. Can be added onto any massage session if requested at the time of booking.

Heat Wave Massage + Fire Cupping Fusion.   $170 for 90 minutes

Heated stoneware Synergy stones are used to relax and soothe tense muscles, and both dynamic and fire cupping are applied to release fascia and muscle tissue up to four inches deep into the body. Your body is worked over, area by area, with trouble spots given particular focus in order to get the most impactful results to relieve pain and tension, and increase range of motion.

Watch the video below to see a sample of this session for yourself!

*In this video, vacuum cupping is used. I now do fire cupping in place of vacuum cupping.

I want you to feel better than when you walked in, and I offer a variety of unique and powerful services to accomplish that. I assess the body and energy patterns to figure out exactly what you need, where you need it, and cultivate your session to fit you just right, every time.

Chakra Healing Massage

The perfect treatment to clear your head and regain your focus. Chakras are spiraling energy centers in the body through which we interact with our subtle energy fields. There are seven main Chakras, and when these Chakras become imbalanced or the energy flow is running a bit sluggish, we then become imbalanced and sometimes ill. Illness can manifest physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. It is essential to correct the frequencies, clear, and balance these energy centers in the body as part of our whole system wellness. During a Chakra Healing Massage, various techniques will be used: an assessment of the energy centers to detect where balance is most needed, therapeutic essential oil blends created especially for each Chakra are placed on their corresponding Chakras to bring balance, followed by soothing massage techniques to open blocked energy pathways to assist in bringing your Chakras back to a healthy glow. Some of the benefits of Chakra Healing & Balancing are:

  • Deep relaxation, aiding the release of stress and tension from the body

  • Relieves and anxiety and depression

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Assists in better quality of sleep

  • Brings mental clarity and Increases focus in daily life

  • Helps to rid the body of toxins

  • Accelerates the body's healing processes

  • Aides in pain relief

  • Assists in attuning and elevating consciousness

  • Removes energy blockages

  • Adjusts the flow of the endocrine system to bring the body into balance and harmony

  • Supports the immune system

  • Increases vitality and slows aging

  • Raises the body's vibrational frequency

  • Assists with spiritual growth and ascension, as well as emotional clearing and growth

About Zen Flow Therapeutic Massage

Find relief for chronic pain issues, acute pain issues, chronic and acute stress; increase your range of motion and mobility. This therapy is  a blend of techniques customized for each individual.


Zen Flow Therapeutic Massage uses a harmonic blend of the best modalities from around the world. The techniques used vary depending on the individual needs of the client. The therapist will determine what combination of therapies is needed based on client consultation, muscle palpation, range of motion testing, and intuitive flow.


What is it? Zen Flow Therapeutic Massage sessions may consist of therapeutic massage, Shiatsu, myofascial release, trigger point, fire cupping, dynamic cupping, relaxation massage from light to firm pressure, reflexology, Reiki, Thai massage, lymphatic drainage, gua sha, or craniosacral depending on individual needs. The experience can be intensely therapeutic, or more gentle and gradual, depending on the needs of your mind and body. ​


Who is it for? Zen Flow Therapeutic Massage is excellent for most anyone. Great for clients who have multiple issues to be addressed or goals they wish to reach (pain relief, more flexibility, relief from stress and anxiety, etc.), those seeking specific muscle work, those who are active, those who spend many hours each day in front of a computer, or those who know they need bodywork but are simply not sure which techniques would best meet their needs.


What are the benefits? Zen Flow Therapeutic Massage sessions are used to relieve muscular tension and pain, increase range of motion, address a number of pathologies related to muscle and connective tissue, relieve stress, depression, and anxiety, detox the body, improve circulation and immune system, and more.

Self Love & Acceptance Ritual

Be the love you wish to see in the world.


When we love ourselves, and I mean truly love ourselves, we don't play small. We don't let fear and hate win. We don't get upset and take it out on our loved ones. We don't tell ourselves how stupid or ugly we are. We don't stay in jobs we hate. We don't date people who are bad for us. We don't hold ourselves back from the success we deserve.


Much of the turmoil within us is rooted in a lack of self love.Nonetheless, simply knowing or being told that truly loving ourselves will stop the fear-based self-sabotage we partake in...doesn't make it easy to simply just love ourselves.


Knowledge alone is not enough. We've been programmed to focus on our flaws. We've been conditioned to obsess over our faults. Self love can be an elusive goal for many people in today's world.


It is possible to change your mind's negative thought patterns. It's possible to root out old resentments, insecurities, and criticisms.


If we've been conditioned to criticize, resent, and distrust ourselves, we can choose to condition ourselves to like, and then forgive and support, and eventually, truly, deeply love ourselves.


This powerful session is designed to help you on your journey to self love and forgiveness.


The session begins with a crystal layout on and around the body, of a specially chosen combination of stones that cultivate love and forgiveness, stimulate deep healing, and bring in Divine support to this process. A Tibetan singing bowl is played to raise the vibration of the space, and start clearing out negativity from your energy field. Any lingering "surface debris" is then combed away with a selenite wand.


Tuning forks of 136.1 Hz will be played in conjunction with 128 Hz to induce a meditative state of relaxation, and prepare the mind and body to receive healing work.Vibrational sound healing is done with tuning forks of various frequencies, chosen for their abilities to root out old beliefs, promote the frequency of love, banish fear and guilt, bring in joy, and allow for deep healing of the Self.


The tuning forks will be played within your subtle energy field, as well as the stems placed on certain points on your body to allow for a deep healing resonance, and to guide blockages and negative beliefs out of your system.


You are then guided through a beautiful and powerful visual meditation journey, to venture deeply into your mind, to find your energetic, mental, and emotional "baggage" of all the reasons you subconsciously sabotage yourself, release all of that baggage, and meet your Highest Self, for a deep energetic cleansing and healing experience.


Because this is a deep transformative process to experience, I also send a recording of the meditation for you to listen to for 20 days after the session.

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