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Coding the Soul: How Technology Fuels Spiritual Awakening

What happens when innovation meets inner illumination?

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Many believe there is a distinct boundary between the material and the metaphysical. But, a look just beneath the surface tells a different story.

As we navigate the digital age, and the ever-increasing advancement of technology, there is a subtle yet profound undercurrent growing in strength - the current of spiritual awakening and the collective rising of human consciousness.

Not only are our technological pursuits and the global evolution of Consciousness not separate from each other - they form a strong, symbiotic relationship that shape and guide one another along.

Join me on this journey as we bridge the gap between the tangible world of technology and the intangible realms of the Soul - and explore this dance of the digital and the Divine.

A turning point in human evolution

Ever since humanity turbo-boosted technological advancements and productivity with the Industrial Revolution, the overall quality of life, economic opportunities, and average life spans have increased dramatically.

All of these things, combined with systems that allow for freedom of choice, expression, and innovation - such as free markets and democracy - have come together to create an environment that fosters and allows for humanity to have the time and resources to do more than just survive.

For the first time in human history, we have the capacity to pursue our Divinity - explore and embody our Soul Purpose. And we wouldn't have this without massive technological innovation.

Our average lifespans have doubled from (in the United States in this example) 39.4 years in 1860 to 78.9 years in 2020. That's a lot of extra years we didn't have not so long ago, to pursue the exploration of our upper multi-dimensional aspects and how we can express our unique Soul blueprints into our daily lives.

This new resource of time has led to some humans being allowed the opportunity to start remembering who they really are - after the thousands of years of suppression of consciousness the human species has been suffering under.

A global movement of spiritual awakening has been stirring for some time now, and continues to increase its rate, not unlike the rate of increase of our advancements in technology.

The Direct Impact of Technology

How does technology directly contribute to this global awakening? Not only is it due to added years of life we have to play with now, but as technology has increased productivity, we have more time to indulge in other pursuits.

Souls whose gift is technological innovation have the capacity and freedom to do their thing, which is one aspect of how spiritual alignment feeds back into further developments. Everyone else has more free time to explore, develop, and pursue their own gifts. And thanks to the many wonders of the Internet, information has been democratized and distributed the world over.

Spiritual mentors and coaches can now help guide seekers on the other side of the planet over Zoom.

Hundreds or thousands of people from all around the world can log into the same spiritual workshop simultaneously and learn and share ideas, or participate in global meditation journeys.

Newly awakened Souls who have no one in their immediate circle to ask questions of and talk to about their new path in life can hop on Google to find resources, or join spiritual groups on social media to connect with and learn from others.

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Many people are able to use technology to assist them in their spiritual focus and activities, from meditation apps, to infrared mats, to EMF blockers for the home.

A global hand up

Another important global shift for the better that humanity has benefited from thanks to innovation - and freedom of choice and expression - is socioeconomic status of the average person. Consider that in 1890, 79% of the world's population was living in extreme poverty. That's basically everyone who wasn't part of the elites or running everything. By 2015, that number shifted to 10% (which means we still have some work to do - but we more than flipped that statistic on its head!).

If you think a span of 125 years is a long time - consider that humans have been around for around 300,000 years, and civilization for over 5,000 years. Throughout human history, hundreds or even thousands of years would often go by with little to no change at all. For humanity to make these dramatic shifts in just over a hundred years has previously been unheard of.

Going from merely surviving (and not for very long), to thriving, has allowed for the resources and energy, for those who choose, to explore spiritual pursuits and truths in many new ways.

Many seekers are able to afford spiritual mentors to speed up their awakening and ascension, spiritual retreats in faraway places, vacations to go immerse themselves in Mother Nature and unplug from the distractions of society, and various spiritual technological devices - such as meditation patches, handheld healing frequency emitters, meditation and ritual apps on their smart phones, and so many more fascinating inventions of this enlightened technological age.

The potential pitfalls

Of course, not all of the effects on society from our exciting age of technology has been positive. Technology, like many things, can be used for good or evil, and the results of its use is largely dependent on the intent of those who wield it.

With the increased use of many incredible devices have come a world of distractions, that have resulted in ever-shrinking attention spans, as well as a large erosion of privacy rights and expectations.

There is a strong need to balance the benefits of creating and distributing new technology with ethical and practical boundaries in place, because, well...have you met humans?

There will always be those who want to abuse the resources we have available for their own gain - to the detriment of the poor souls on the other end of their malice. From spying to scamming - we've seen it all.

Which brings me to the topic of personal responsibility - the underlying key component to any kind of transformation.

It's pertinent to be mindful of the pitfalls to all of this wonderful technology, and aware of how it can end up hindering your progress in life.

Distractions are abundant anywhere there is a screen to look at - phone, computer, TV, tablet.

Ads, clickbait, blatant lies being spread intentionally to cause confusion, the media competing with each other by seeing who can generate the most hate and fear in their viewers, the many TV shows that exist for no other reason than to keep you locked in and "entertained", and the many movies that intentionally try to program their own agenda into your subconscious.

Having discernment is critical. Questioning everything is critical.

With the advent of instant and constant dissemination of information every moment of every day, comes the tidal wave of every force out there trying to keep you programmed and conditioned to their preferences, and infiltrating seeming reliable sources with false information meant to confuse and confound truth seekers - trying to keep your consciousness suppressed and spiritual awakening at bay.

And why would they do this? For their own gain, of course. Spiritually awakened souls pursuing their own Soul Path and alignment to their Divinity are empowered individuals.

They know, and use, their own gifts and their own power, and take responsibility for their own reality. Therefore, they cannot be fooled into handing over their power to those who seek to take it. They cannot be manipulated into falling for false narratives or advertising that isn't in alignment with their purpose. Negative souls don't want others to be so empowered.

Then there is the issue of scams. Nonstop, endless scammers and hackers and unscrupulous con artists spending every waking moment trying to take you for everything you have.

Which is why the tendency of many people to resist and fear the fast oncoming change of new technology is a risky stance to take.

Why adoption of new tech for the average user is key

When you resist and fear change, and don't learn how to utilize the new technology being pushed out into the world, you leave yourself vulnerable to trickery, not to mention being left behind as the new tech quickly becomes the way of everyday life.

A shining example of how this plays out is basic internet usage, especially email.

When email first became a thing, many people who were middle-aged and older at the time turned their nose up at all this "new-fangled" technology. We often hear our elders grumbling about how they got along just fine without [insert new thing being implemented here], and they don't need it now.

Unfortunately, turning their noses up and delaying the inevitable - the need to have internet literacy and use email effectively - has left them in a difficult position. Those who were middle-aged back then are elderly now, and the most likely demographic to fall for email scams trying to take them for everything they have.

This is just one basic and common example of why it's important to embrace a growth mindset - both for yourself and humanity at large.

Another recent highlight of the importance of digital literacy was the sudden very heavy reliance the world had on internet communications and services during the covid-19 lock downs.

Those who were unfamiliar found themselves very isolated and out of touch. We all certainly hope we never have to experience such an event again, but it goes to show we simply cannot predict what may come along, and when we'll suddenly need those skills.

If we delve a little bit into history, we can look at the Luddites, who resisted new textile machinery during the Industrial Revolution, as they feared it would take their jobs. Instead of adapting, they became destructive and rebellious - and ended up dying in poverty and in prison. There's nothing Divine about that.

The newest occurrence of this resistance to advancement happening right in front of us guessed it - AI (Artificial Intelligence). Many online business owners and tech-savvy individuals are jumping on board and excited about the new possibilities this technology brings.

At the same time, we also see the same resistance as in the past amongst a large segment of the population - largely rooted in fear of change and the unknown, as well as Hollywood's portrayal of a dystopian future of human destruction at the hands of AI in movies like The Terminator.

There are others who simply are unaware altogether because they don't tend to keep up with the latest and greatest.

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To be fair, I'm speaking in first-world terms here, as there are humans living in parts of the world where they simply don't have access or the resources to learn new tech (even though many second and third world countries do have access to much technology).

AI is the next frontier currently being pioneered, not only by the tech industry, but by the average citizen who can now learn to integrate AI into their daily lives, turning hours of tedious work into 30 minute tasks.

Now, we have yet another technology that not only frees up more time for spiritual pursuits (for those who choose it), but we're looking at a probable future where AI can give quick and accurate medical diagnoses, for example, thereby saving lives and giving individuals literally more time on this Earth to follow their Soul Path.

Until recent times in human history, the average lifespan was less than 40 years old. If you only lived for 40 years, you can imagine that you probably didn't have much opportunity to pursue an extensive journey of spiritual evolution. Most people were only concerned with survival and procreation.

I have a personal theory that the reason so many people become "set in their ways" when middle aged - about aged 40 - is because many people simply didn't live past that age for thousands of years. They haven't fully adapted to extended lifetimes, and so on an energetic level, they choose to stop growing and transforming. On some certain level, they stop living and just carry on existing until death.

What a waste of a beautiful gift!

At the current age of 42 myself, I can tell you for me it's been quite the opposite. The expansion and growth and transformation that kicked in for me has been more than I thought possible (but certainly hoped for). It's all about embracing continual growth and transformation, continuing to explore and dive deeper into the Soul. I highly recommend it!

Ethical Considerations

Of course, the development and dissemination of new technology doesn't come without the need for ethical considerations.

There is the issue of some disadvantaged areas of the world not having access to modern technology, and to that I say - we must innovate. Find new ways to bring our amazing inventions to all parts of the world, so everyone can have the resources and the space to pursue their own Divinity, as is our right as Divine spiritual beings.

Having internet access has lifted some women in third-world countries out of poverty, as it gave them a way to sell their crafts to more affluent customers, as a perfect example of why this is so crucial.

There is also the issue of scammers, con artists, tyrants, and technocrats. There will always be people out there who want to abuse our technological advancements for their own gain and to the detriment of others. That's certainly not a reason to hold back!

It is a reason to be aware, to put necessary regulations and security protections in place, and to continually reevaluate and adjust.

It's also very much a reason for everyone - of any age - to stay up-to-date on their digital

literacy. Certainly, support from family and the community is helpful for the elderly to adapt to technology.

And as for AI taking over the world and enslaving or destroying humanity,'s up to humans to put proper parameters and limitations in place for our creations, and regulations to ensure that this is done correctly. We have the power, the ability, and the obligation to innovate responsibly, as with power always comes responsibility. No excuses!

Growth is necessary for existence

The reality is, humans must continue to transform, to innovate, to move forward. If we don't, that will surely be our destruction. Just as our bodies will atrophy and disintegrate if we stop using them to create and to live, humanity itself will do the same.

We aren't meant to be stagnant. We are meant to overcome challenges and limitations, to keep learning and transforming and creating. Technology and Soul evolution - hand in hand, will elevate humanity to endless heights we can only begin to dream of.

Why many Starseeds are attracted to tech

If you're reading this, chances are, though not necessarily, you are a Star Seed - meaning that your Soul originated somewhere else in the Universe (or even in a parallel Universe) before you started incarnating on Earth.

Many Starseeds have a natural affinity for technology, as they come from civilizations that had much more advanced tech than we do here on Earth right now. In particular, Sirians, Lyrans, and Pleiadians, though they are by far not the only ones.

In fact, most of our technological innovation has been the work of Starseeds ushering humanity forward into a new era. They innately understand the important role it plays in allowing humans to rise into a higher level of consciousness and are driven to experiment and create the next wave of our global transformation.

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Not all Starseeds that love technology are pursuing being the inventors - but many are the avid users and supporters, and understand on some level the important role it plays in their own spiritual awakening - the rising above the haze of suppressed human consciousness to start remembering who they really are, at Soul Level.

It's time to start remembering our Soul Purpose, reclaiming our Divine Inheritance, and realigning to the Highest expression of our Divine Souls.

If you'd like some help in this process of remembering and aligning to your own Divinity, find out for sure your cosmic origins, and get fully reconnected with your own Soul Blueprint, the Divinely Aligned Soul Session is for you, beautiful soul.

From the desk of Neelou Saleh Spirit of Lotus

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Coding the Soul: How Technology Fuels Spiritual Awakening


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