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Fire Cupping Therapy


30 Minutes


Regain your freedom of movement with fire cupping.

Fire cupping can be added on to massage therapy sessions at the time of booking for no additional fee.

Fire cupping therapy works by creating a vacuum that pulls the tissues outward, creating a "negative" pressure (as opposed to the "positive" pressure created by traditional massage strokes). By loosening and lifting muscles and fascia, cupping can provide relief up to four inches deep into the tissues, and also serves as an excellent form of myofascial release. This is a therapy that has been used for over 3000 years and continues to grow in popularity as more and more people discover the incredible benefits of this technique. ​ Benefits:

  • Flushes stagnant blood and trapped toxins from acute & chronically contracted muscles

  • Breaks up adhesions from frozen shoulder and rotator cuff tears

  • Relieves pain from sciatica/back pain, shin splints, whiplash, and other conditions

  • Alleviates discomfort from respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, & emphysema

  • Relief from cough & breaks up phlegm buildup in the lungs

  • Reduces chance of getting the common cold or flu

  • Facilitates the flow of lymph, which helps remove bacteria & toxic substances from the body

  • Effective pain relief from chronic joint rheumatism and arthritis

  • Increases production of synovial fluids in the joints

  • Dramatically breaks up scar tissue surrounding the joints

  • Smoothes the appearance of stretch marks and dimpling

  • Encourages a sufficient supply of nutrition to the tissues

  • Encourages blood & lymph circulation to the tissues

  • Stimulates the spinal nerves & parasympathic nervous system

Several cups are placed on the skin at a time and left for a few minutes to allow the suction to do its job. This technique is often used to treat pain and inflammation, loosen fascia and muscle tissue, increase range of motion, improve circulation to an area, move lymph fluid, release trigger points, act as a form of deep massage, boost the immune system, and sedate the nervous system, which makes it calming, and also helps to lower blood pressure. ​ Fire cupping massage does often leave superficial bruises where the cups were placed. These are harmless and will fade away in 5-10 days. These areas are not to be rubbed or pressed on, nor exposed to extreme cold or heat, until they are gone. Cupping follow-up sessions can take place once the marks have disappeared. *Cupping is not be used on those who bleed easily and/or cannot stop bleeding, have skin ulcers, or edema/swelling, have blood clots or have high risk of blood clots, or are taking blood thinners.

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