Thai Foot Massage


30 Minutes - $60

60 Minutes - $95

Get relief from your foot pain and tension, and feel like you're walking on air.

Thai foot massage developed from the Ayurvedic medical system within India thousands of years ago.  It is a component of Thai massage that focuses on the feet and lower legs.  Thai foot massage is excellent for treating those suffering with plantar fasciitis.  Though only the lower legs and feet are treated, this massage most often has the client feeling relieved of stress and relaxed all over by the end.

Techniques for this massage modality include stretching of the feet, massage with the hands, massage techniques and stimulation of reflex points with a wooden tool (pictured left), hot towel wrapping and pressure through hot towel, stimulation of energy pathways, and peppermint essential oil to stimulate circulation and provide additional refreshing relaxation.

To take a time out and relieve stress and tension, try the 30 minute session.  For relief of pain and tension due to plantar fasciitis and other foot problems, the 60 minute session is recommended.

Thai foot massage can be received by itself or added to other massage services.