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Could you be cursed?

What does it mean to be cursed? How can you tell if you're cursed? What can you do about it?

Am I cursed to be alone

A word from Neelou...

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Curse. Hex. Jinx. Bad juju. The Evil Eye. Those are some heavy words. It might creep you out a little just reading them. Have you ever been affected? Would you know if you were?

The issue of curses has been in the human psyche for thousands of years. Some believe it's nonsense, but others...the thought of being cursed strikes a crippling fear in their hearts.

I imagine many people fall somewhere on the spectrum in between those two. After all, think about how many times you've knocked on wood, even half-heartedly. But, are curses really real? And can you be impacted by someone sending a hex your way?

The answer is yes, they are a thing. BUT - they aren't what you think. And you aren't a victim.

I recently had an interesting conversation in a group on a certain well-known social media website. Someone posted to the group that they were afraid they had been cursed by their ex-husband's father, who practiced, I believe she said, Santeria (no shade on those who do, this was just what she posted).

These were her words, and her concern. She stated some bad things that had happened to her recently, though didn't say why she specifically thought it was due to this particular person.

It was a very fear-based kind of post, by someone who seemed genuinely afraid some bad ju-ju that she had no control over had been thrust upon her, and she wanted to know how or if she could remove it.

I rarely ever post in these groups or respond to anyone, but this post popped up in my feed and drew my attention. My first thought was I wanted to empower this girl and help allay her fears.

I told her that no one could place ill intentions on her without her permission. Though, it's very possible to unconsciously give permission if on some level you agree with that person that you deserve "xyz...".

It's prudent to be honest with yourself and admit if on some level you agree that you deserve these bad things. It doesn't mean you do deserve them, just that on some level, you perceive that you do.

You are the Divine Creator of your reality.

I mentioned some techniques she could use to go through the process of release if that wasn't satisfying enough to her thinking mind. Sometimes, people need to feel they're doing something tangible, and that's okay.

Once I typed my answer, I hit enter and moved on, not thinking anything more about it. Well, we all know how social media can be (which is why I tend to avoid it - the interactions are often too energy draining!).

I thought it was no big deal to give my perspective, and allow the girl who posted to take it or leave it as she saw fit.

I let myself forget for a moment that there are all kinds of people online, reading the posts, and if you say something they disagree with...they are going to tell you allll about it. But, I'm glad they did, because this is an important topic.

It turned out my empowering post was very triggering to several people. They insisted there were a few people they knew who would "beg to differ" - implying they had placed curses on these people.

There were people who insisted that no matter how much protection you place on yourself, someone else can hex you and it WILL affect you, gosh darn it.

They were absolutely not happy with the idea that we each have control over this kind of thing for ourselves.

Well, not to be contentious, but nothing they said actually disproved my point. Perhaps some of them successfully placed curses on other people (or they could be wrongly attributing the results of those people's poor choices as the result of their curses), but maybe their "victims" deep down thought they deserved it, so were unconsciously allowing it.

And, their point about putting up protection for yourself that doesn't work? Well, how will that protection help you if you allow the curse to take effect by your own beliefs about yourself? Why did you think you needed protection? Perhaps, because deep down you agree that something you did deserves negative consequences...Perhaps. Or maybe not.

Now, whether or not anyone "deserves" negative consequences depends on several factors (ultimately determined by the steadfast laws of Karma), but even if it isn't otherwise deserved, a poor self perception can cause anyone to allow it to happen.

What is a curse?

Curse, hex, the evil eye…different names for essentially the same thing. These all fall under what I call negative intentions or negative thought forms.

Negative intentions and negative thought forms can be created by anyone (not just those practicing some form of magic) who expend a large amount of energy and thought intending to direct negative consequences at another person.

If someone else places a negative intention on you or directs a negative thought form at you - and on some level you agree with it, or behave in a way that indicates you’re guilty - you accept that negative intention and it affects your choices and habits and can create negative consequences - thereby, you’re "cursed".

If you don't agree with that person, however, their negative intention doesn't affect you. It bounces right off. It's your choice. But, that can be tricky.

How can I tell if I’m cursed?

You might think that someone placed a curse on you if you're suddenly having a string of things going wrong in your life, especially if those things all seem to have the same theme, or are in a particular area of your life.

You may have a suspicion that it’s a curse causing these things, because you’re aware of somebody who is angry with you and would wish negative consequences on you.

Maybe you have continued to struggle to find a successful relationship ever since a bad breakup that left your ex very angry with you. It's always possible in this kind of situation that your ex spent a lot of time and energy cursing you to spend your life alone, out of their anger and hurt.

And if on some level you felt that you wronged them and were guilty of something, or if you behaved in a way that would indicate that you’re guilty of whatever they're accusing you of, you could have allowed their ill wishes to take effect.

This is just an example.

The reality is, it could be exactly that, or it could be a number of other karmic patterns that we create that hold us back in life. Us humans are so good at the whole self-sabotage thing.

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Perhaps you have found yourself creating the exact same situation in your life over and over and over again. Maybe with different people or in different places. but the circumstances tends to look the same - over and over again.

This is a situation that could indicate a curse that is carried over from a past life. Or, maybe not a curse, but could be due to some other karmic pattern that carried over from a previous lifetime. There's also such a thing as generational curses.

The one thing to keep in mind, no matter what the cause of your misfortune, is that it’s always fixable - because, as I love to reiterate, you are the Divine Creator of your own reality.

No one can place a curse, an intention, a negative thought form or any other kind of constraint or limitation on you without your agreement. The complication of being human is - we aren't always conscious of that agreement.

How do I get rid of a curse?

The first step to getting rid of any kind of negative influence over you is consciousness. There are so many types of conditioning, programming, or limitations that control our behavior and choices from behind the curtain - hidden in our subconscious.

You need to bring these negative influences into your conscious mind. These karmic patterns we create cause huge blind spots in our perception of ourselves and the world around us.

It can take some effort to delve deep and pull back the curtain on these subconscious patterns.

It’s all in your perspective.

Not everyone is ready for personal power. With power, comes responsibility. This is the reason those poor souls immediately got defensive in response to my post that was intended only to be helpful and EMPOWERING.

Let's break down what they were saying here. They insisted they could place curses on other people, who were then affected and supposedly had no choice in the matter.

They also insisted that despite all efforts to self-protect, they were sometimes affected by the curses of others (I don't know who they hang out with, but it sounds like an awful lot of curses are being slung around in their worlds).

They were in effect saying…that we each have more control over other people than they do…and that other people have more control over each of us than we do. So, humans have more control over OTHER humans than they do themselves? It's true...for those who allow this to be their reality.

Some people are still in this mindset because they are young - they simply don't have enough experience in their current lifetime to have come to any other awareness yet, but they will.

Others truly aren't there yet on their soul journey, for any time within their current life. That's fine. We're all wherever we're supposed to be on our soul path.

Here's some food for thought, though. This kind of thinking accomplishes two things. One, it removes perceived responsibility from oneself for the negative consequences experienced in life. And, two, it gives one a feeling of power over other people - which is desirable for those who don't feel they have power over themselves.

Unfortunately, this is very disempowering, and counterintuitive - because you don't have power without responsibility. Not everyone wants to be responsible for their own lives, especially if they aren’t happy with what they’re creating.

Responsibility. That's no fun, right?

Mmm, well, let's try a different perspective. With responsibility comes power. Over yourself. The only thing you truly have power over is you - how YOU choose to respond to things. The choices that YOU make in your everyday life. Whether or not YOU believe you deserve to have unfortunate things happen to you, and whether or not YOU act in alignment with your Divine Soul.

So, yes, curses are a thing, so to speak. But, you're not a victim. It's important to know that. It's empowering to know that. Be empowered.

It's your life - you and only you are the Divine Creator of your own reality. Responsibility is FUN, because that's where you get to make your life whatever YOU want it to be.

What if I need help?

Sometimes, we all need a little assistance to get on the right path. We don’t exist in a vacuum, and humans are meant to connect with and help one another. If you can do it alone - wonderful!

But, if you feel a bit lost and confused, and want to deep dive into your soul, uncover what’s holding you back, and identify and eliminate the negative karmic patterns and energetic blocks (curses included!) that cause you to continue to recreate the same unwanted situations in your life over and over, I’m here to help.

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Are you cursed to be alone?


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