Decompress Tight Hips With Some Leg-Dangling

We spend a LOT of time sitting - in the car, at the desk, at the table, on the couch, etc. - and, unfortunately, all that sitting leads to chronically tight hips.

An easy way to loosen up and decompress those hips is "leg dangling".

How do you leg dangle? It's easy. Find a surface that is about hip height, then sit with one leg on it, while letting the other leg dangle into the space below. Start off holding this position for about 30 seconds while keeping an upright posture. You can increase the affect by wearing an ankle weight, but be sure to stop immediately if you feel anything uncomfortable, like tingling, numbness, or pain. After dangling each leg, stand for about a minute, then repeat 3-5 times.

This is great to do anytime, but is especially beneficial right before a lower body workout. It helps with pelvic-lumbar alignment. Though, be sure to check with your physical therapist first, to verify that you don't have any misalignments or other conditions that would make leg-dangling contraindicated.

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