Is Anxiety Ruining Your Day Again? Try this.

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

I've heard that stress is the #1 killer.

Not to be morbid, or anything, but stress causes more health problems than I could ever try to list here. That topic needs its own book. A very big book.

Regardless, most of us experience stress frequently in our rat-race world, and a LOT of people are suffering the consequences. With the added pressure of a new virus and the economic concerns of shut downs, levels of mental health issues have skyrocketed.

When stress is so strong and acute that it becomes straight up anxiety, daily life can feel impossible to cope with.

This trick won't fix everything, but I’ve found it to be WAAAYYY useful in a particularly anxiety-inducing moment.

Take a look at this short video I made for you to demonstrate my favorite, instant, anxiety-busting trick.

And, if you want to go even deeper into relieving anxiety and stress, use the code TAKEFIVE to get $5 off my downloadable guided Chakra Balancing Meditation. This is the same meditation that was previously only available at in-person sessions, now available to download and listen from anywhere.

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