Self Care Chronicles - Shoulder Cupping

Human bodies are a lot of maintenance, but taking care of the one I have is high on my priority list.

The human body is the vessel that carries us through this life. We ask a lot of our bodies, and it is important that we give them a lot in return.

As much as I talk about self care, and the many, many ways to practice it, I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing and chronicling my own ongoing journey of self care. After all, it's always good to know and see that some does practice what they preach, yes?

This is one of my favorite things ever. It may look ugly, but it helps so much.

​After not working out for two months while my foot was healing from a break, I’m back in the gym, but my shoulder has been protesting the change in routine. Having aches and pains as your body readjusts to new routines is common. In some cases, and in mine here, the issue stems from underused muscles shortening and tightening, which then causes pulling and inflammation once you start trying to use a bigger range of motion. I cupped along much of my rotator cuff yesterday, and today my shoulder pain is almost gone. Whew! 

The markings are darkest where the tissue has the most restriction. Tight muscles and connective tissues restrict movement and circulation. Cupping lifts and releases stuck tissues, allows fluids to move in while pulling out stagnant blood, and can release restricted muscle and connective tissue up to four inches deep in the body. The markings are harmless and are typically gone in 5-10 days.

Any questions or comments? Feel free to reach out.

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