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What You Get From a $110 Massage

What makes a $110 massage worth it? Quite a lot, actually...

Zen balance stones

For a lot of people, money is the biggest obstacle when it comes to getting regular massage. There, I said it. We don’t like to talk about money - it’s supposed to be private. But, I’m going to face it straight on. Regular massage is a considerable budget item, and it’s important to acknowledge that.

I am aware of this, because 1) I walk the walk and get massages on a regular basis, and 2) I have to make sure I budget time and money for them, or they won't happen.

But, if I expect you to work your budget for $110 for a massage every week, month, or quarter, it’s my job to tell you what you’re buying. So here it is, what you get from a 1 hour, $110 massage.

Clarity In Pricing

I don't add fees for a number of vital elements to getting the best possible results from your massage. Things that are already included in that $110 fee are aromatherapy, fire cupping, Synergy stones, Himalayan salt stones, and the FAR infrared therapy heated mat on the table.

No one wants to think they are booking a massage at one price, only to be given a far higher total when it's time to pay because they wanted a few upgrades to make the experience complete. Sometimes, those "upgrades" are desperately needed necessities. A muscle that is locked up and causing pain will often respond far better to heat and cupping along with the massage, and is the only way to get real relief. Have no fear that we can bust out a whole bad of tricks without increasing your bill.

A Beautiful Therapeutic Environment

When you walk in, you will feel immediately at ease in a sanctuary space that is set up perfectly to nurture you. Relaxing, therapeutic, light and airy, but cozy and welcoming. Everything revolves around providing you with the best possible experience - the soothing colors, the cleanliness, the infrared mat, the white noise machine and relaxing music, extra pillows if needed, the many high quality healing tools, and so much more:

  • FAR Infrared Heating Mat that can be adjusted to your comfort level

  • Extra cushy padding on the massage table

  • A bio-proof cover between the massage table padding and sheets that is sanitized between sessions

  • Ionizing True HEPA filter air purifier

  • The best face cradle on the market, with extra padding on top

  • Hot towels & heat packs

  • Blankets and pillows galore

  • Optional aromatherapy

  • Organic and pesticide free natural oils (no preservatives, no added chemicals, nada!)

  • A fridge full of bottled water

  • Free take-home stretch instruction sheets

  • A cushy chair to rest in during intake and checkout

  • Soft, warm lighting from salt lamps

  • A Marpac Dohm white noise machine

  • Soft soothing music from a high quality speaker

  • A calming decor scheme

  • Cleansing, healing energy flow

  • Complementary enhancements such as heated Synergy Stones, fire cupping, and warm Himalayan salt stones

  • Optional enhancements, such as back and foot scrubs, body wraps, and specialized facial massages

A Full Hour

Have you ever noticed that at most massage establishments, you book an hour, but only actually get massaged for 45-50 minutes? That is an extremely common scenario, as many places will book massages every hour on the hour, so part of your hour gets used for getting on and off the table, and the time the therapist needs to change the room over.

This type of math has always really bugged me. Gosh darnit, 1 hour = 60 minutes. When a client books an hour with me, that is what they will get. The clock doesn't start ticking until the massage starts. If your appointment is scheduled for 2:00, but after intake and you getting on table we don't get started on the massage until 2:05, then your hour massage won't end until 3:05. I schedule a time cushion between appointments to accommodate variations in start and end times to ensure I am able to thoroughly discuss your needs before the massage.

In my massage business, every session - whether 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes - will last the full amount of time indicated. (Unless you're late, then I may have to adjust accordingly.)


You get my full attention and focus. For one hour, plus the time we spend before your session talking about your needs, you are the superstar. You are the reason we are in that room. Would you like silence? No problem. Do you prefer to chat? I'd love to.

Want me to spend the whole hour on your back, or just your feet? Sure thing. Do you need a pillow? A change of music? Not a problem.

You get my full attention, and you get your full attention. No phone, no demands. It's all about you.


I've had 11 years of full time practice and hundreds of hours of continuing education. In a field that the average practitioner only lasts 2-3 years before burnout, I'm trucking along quite well.

All of that time spent working and studying has been preparation for your massage. I learned a cool rotator cuff release for that time you come in with a weird pain in your shoulder when you move it like so.

I've got a great pillow propping trick to keep you comfy and cozy when you need to lay on your side if you can't lay on your belly. Or if your shoulder hurts when you are face down. Or if your knee is feeling kinda weird while you are on your back. No problem, I've got this. We'll make sure you are nice and comfy so you can relax and enjoy your massage.

Clinical Prudence

I won't practice any techniques on you that are unsafe for your current health condition. For example, someone in treatment for cancer should not be getting deep massage. A client on blood thinners should not be receiving static cupping. Pregnant women should not be subjected to aggressive stretching. These are contraindications, and I don't play around with them.

The only downside to this is I might have to turn you away if your condition makes massage unsafe, but that is exceedingly rare. In most cases, I am able to accommodate massage to make it enjoyable and safe for the client.


When most people schedule a massage session, they have a problem that needs solved - whether it's pain, stress, limited range of motion, etc. - and are looking for results. It's not just about the experience on the table, though that is important, too. It's about resolving the problem you are looking for help with, to improve your quality of life after you get up off the table.

When you go to a high end spa and pay high end prices, you're paying for the marble floors, ornate decor, aromatherapy steam room - you're paying for amenities. When you go to a private practitioner and pay higher prices, you are paying for quality of work and the results you were hoping for.

Proper Licensing

There are a number of "massage therapists" out there offering discounted rates who are not holding the proper, legally required, license to practice. In the state of Texas, a license for massage therapy requires schooling at a licensed massage therapy school, internship, passing a state-approved exam, and passing a criminal background check. It must be renewed every two years, which has a minimum continuing education requirement that must be met. The current license should always be displayed in plain view where clients can see.

If the therapist is practicing without all the proper licenses, they may not be properly trained, and their insurance, if they have it, will be voided in the event of a claim. That is a pretty scary situation.

High Quality Massage Oil

I only use the best products on your skin. I mainly use organic coconut oil, but I also have pure jojoba for those who are super sensitive, as well as a high quality arnica oil for extra muscle relief. No preservatives, no unnatural or unhealthy additives. You won't have a skin reaction because of some cheap additives or fillers. 

I don't choose my oils based on price, I choose based on quality. I have my hands in this stuff over 20 hours a week. I only want the best for us!

You Get To Support a Local Small Business

It is just me. No fancy corporate set up or big management structure, no franchise or chain organization. Just a small business owner, making a living, paying her taxes, and participating in the very community where she lives and serves. It can be hard for small businesses to stay afloat in the sea of big box stores and big chains. When you pay $95 for a massage, you can be certain that the money is supporting your local economy.

All of that, from a $110 massage.

From the desk of Neelou Saleh Spirit of Lotus

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