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Massage is Therapy - Not Just For Pampering

It's a common misconception that massage is a luxury reserved for those with an excess of time and disposable income. Massage is one of the oldest forms of healthcare, and has made a huge comeback in a modern world seeking natural ways to stay healthy.

A massage therapist performing massage on a client's pectoral muscles.

In the time since I humbly ventured into the world of massage therapy, I have become keenly aware of the many misconceptions and misinformation about this industry. The one most common is that many perceive massage as something only those with excessive disposable income seek as a form of pampering. This couldn't be further from reality. Only a very small percentage of my clients have come to me for nothing more than to be pampered, and even then, it's usually because they received a gift certificate. On the contrary, the majority come to me because they are in pain, hence the “therapy”. They suffer from stress and muscle tension, resulting in pain, low energy, and limited physical mobility. There is nothing more enjoyable about my line of work than to help improve the quality of life for my clients – especially the warm, fuzzy feeling I get as each client leaves my studio feeling refreshed, relaxed, and free of the torment in which they arrived.

I’d have to say that pain relief is the number one reason anyone walks through my doors. The caring, intuitive, high-quality service I give is why they come back. That, and to maintain a healthy physical and mental state of being. Many would be amazed at the numerous benefits that regular massage therapy has to offer.

Aside from relief of pain, and maintenance to keep those muscles loose so the pain doesn’t come back, massage increases blood circulation into the muscle giving it the nutrients it needs, lowers blood pressure, and increases flexibility and range of motion, which decreases the likelihood of injury to the muscle during activity. Keeping those muscles nourished keeps them healthy and functioning at maximum capacity. A tight muscle is a starving muscle, is not fully functional, and will fatigue more quickly than a healthy one. There are many more benefits to massage, but more on that later, as well as how to maintain healthy muscles on your own so you don’t have to suffer between appointments!

From the desk of Neelou Saleh Spirit of Lotus

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